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Dancing Music Birthday

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Throw a music fest with using some ideas from our dancing note party ideas guide. This music party guide is full of inspiration for your invites, tableware, favors, musical party games, and decorations. Get ready to shake, rattle and roll with cool musical party supplies and theme fun. Shop our Music Party Supplies. Browse this guide: Music Invitations Music Decorations Music Food Music Party Favors Music Games & Activities What Do I Need For a Music Party? In addition to basic Dancing Music Party Supplies, like plates, cups, napkins, and decorations, you may want to consider purchasing, borrowing or renting the following items for your Music note party:

  • Musical instrument toys
  • Music video DVDs and music
  • Rock star party favors
  • A stereo and dancing space
  • Dance accessories and costumes
  • A karaoke machine


Music Party Invitation Ideas

Pressed for time but still want a personalized touch? Try our personalized music invitations, which can be printed to include your child's name and all of the party details! For a unique touch, you can make your own music note invitations. This can be a fun activity to get you and your child excited for your dancing party! Here are some musical invitation ideas for your upcoming birthday or school party:
  • Add music note confetti to the envelope for a sparkly surprise when you guest opens it.
  • Include music note personalized name tag with your invitations as a pre-party treat. Suggest that your guests wear it to the party. This way mom will know everyone's name.
  • Record your party details to a sound file on your computer and burn them to a blank CD. Print out a CD cover with your musical party details and include the CD in a jewel case.
  • Cut out the image or your favorite instrument and write your party details on the front. These DIY music invites will fit great with a kids party theme.
  • Take a photo of your child holding different instruments or striking dance poses. Print out the photos on postcards to make custom music invites.
  • Use creative writing in your musical party invitations. Use the invitation wording below for inspiration:
  Dance your way to Cynthias party and join us for an event that cant be beat. Bring your best dancing clothes and get ready to boogie to our favorite tunes!  

Music Party Decoration Ideas

Dancing Music Party Supplies
The right decorations can make all the difference at your Music note party! For a Music and dancing birthday, use music note party supplies. Complete your look with more great Music note decoration ideas below
  • Hang Music note banners at the entrance to the party. You can create a fun theme look with posters or cutouts of music notes, instruments and piano keys around the party area. You can also make posters of popular song titles such appropriate for the age group of your guests. Have your birthday child and friends help out by making DIY posters. Theyll have a blast coloring decorations together and hanging their creations around the event area.
  • Use inflatable instruments to decorate your event. You can even set up real instruments like drums, recorders, or kazoos around your party to act as an activity and decoration.
  • Set up a stage and karaoke machine with your favorite songs and hold a karaoke contest! You could also set up a dance floor for guests to groove along to some upbeat songs. Find some instructional dance videos online and let guests learn a whole new set of moves.
  • Group sets of guitar balloons that match your music theme around the party area. Include a few dancing music birthday balloons for a touch of fun in your dancing music note decorations!

Music Party Food Ideas

music cupcakes In addition to traditional party food like chips and dip, you can add some musical themed food into the mix. Here are some suggestions for appetizers and snacks that match the tune of your event:
  • Use fun names to label ordinary party foods. Serve snacks like Samba Salad, Chips and Salsa, Musical Munch Mix, and Treble Tacos.
  • Sometimes the food itself can be musical. Find fun foods associated with music and sound like Pop Rocks, crunchy apples, popcorn, and rice cereal.
  • Decorate a sheet cake to look like a musical stage or page of sheet music. Colorful music note designs or cake toppers will get your dessert to match your dancing music theme.
  • Create music cake decorations for cupcakes by cutting out music note shapes and taping them to toothpicks for DIY cupcake toppers.
  • Bake microphone cupcakes! Bake your favorite cupcake recipe inside an ice cream cone with a flat bottom. Ice the top in the shape of a microphone and cover the iced part in chocolate cookie crumbs or chocolate sprinkles.
dancing music cupcake stand

Music Party Favors

Create a melodious end to your event with musical favors. Send guests home with a music note treat inspired by our great dancing music favor ideas:
  • Guitar bubble necklaces
  • Mini maracas
  • Use food to make musical instruments of your own. Place dried beans in a jar for a rattle or create a drum with an empty can. Guests can decorate their DIY instruments as a fun party activity.
  • Small instruments like kazoos, tambourines, recorders, and whistles
  • Mix CDs of your favorite playlist
  • Record your party guests doing karaoke and send them the video or pictures as a favor. You can also take photos of your guests with a Music note cutout decoration and send the photos with a thank you note!
  • Birthday music stickers
  • Personalized rock star stickers and buttons
  Anything having to do with music of the guest of honor's favorite band would be ideal to incorporate into the planning as well as the favors. In addition, with the broad color spectrum that our Dancing Music theme offers, you can come up with many colorful items to add to your favor mix. Dancing Music Loot Bag blow up guitar Personalized Lollipops

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