Cupcake Decorating Contest

Cupcake Decorating Contest

What You'll Need:

  • Plain cupcakes (1 for each child)
  • Paper plates
  • Plastic knives
  • Tubs of icing
  • Assorted Candy (i.e. gumdrops, licorice strings, colored wafers, M&Ms, sprinkles, etc.)
  • Small bowls (to hold the assorted candy)
  • 1 or 2 Markers

  1. Place a plate on the table in front of each child's seat.
  2. Write each child's name in marker on the bottom of his or her plate.
  3. Place a cupcake on each plate.

At the Party:
  1. Give each child a plastic knife and let small groups of children share tubs of icing.
  2. While the children are icing their cupcakes, place small bowls of candy corn, gumdrops, orange and black sprinkles and other decorative candy at each table.
  3. Give the children some time to decorate their cupcakes any way they'd like.
  4. After the children decorate their cupcakes, line up the plates on a table or counter.
  5. Use a marker to number the plates on their edges.
  6. Ask the children to vote for the funniest, prettiest, craziest, etc., by writing down the corresponding number.
  7. After the children vote, use the names on the bottom of the plates to pass the cupcakes back out for each child to enjoy while you tally the votes.
  8. Finally, announce the winners!

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