Baking Cup Flowers and Princesses

Baking Cup Flowers and Princesses

Decorate your cupcake themed party using baking cups to make flowers and princess name cards. Play around with the materials and colors to create your own combination of decorations. Allow your guests to make their own flowers and princesses at the party too!

What You'll Need:

  • Colorful baking cups (foil or paper)
  • Pipe cleaners
  • Sequins or glitter
  • Glue
  • A paper clip
  • Construction paper
  • A marker
  • Scissors

Baking Cup Flower Instructions

Note: There are endless flower designs you can make. Experiment with different colors, baking cup sizes, sequin patterns and glitter colors.
  1. Gather together two different colors of baking cups and place one inside the other.
  2. Press the two cups flat so that the colored side is facing outward.
  3. Poke a very small hole in the center of the baking cups using a paper clip.
  4. Poke another small hole 1 1/2 inches below the first hole. This is where the stem is going to thread through.
  5. Carefully thread one pipe cleaner up the bottom hole and out the center hole. Only a small piece of the pipe cleaner should poke out of the center hole. If you'd like, thread one sequin through the pipe cleaner. This will give your flower a sparkling center.
  6. Form the bottom of the pipe cleaner into a stem with a leaf. To make a leaf, simply form a loop on one side of the stem, and then wrap the bottom of the pipe cleaner around it once to hold it in place.
  7. Decorate the center of the flower with sequins or glitter.
  8. Place the flowers in a vase to display on the party table!

Baking Cup Princess Instructions

Note: There are many different princess designs you can make. Try experimenting with different colored baking cups and pipe cleaners. You can also decorate the princess's dress with different sequin patterns.
  1. Choose one pipe cleaner to be the princess's body. This pipe cleaner should be about 7-8 inches long.
  2. Form the shape of a head and two arms with the pipe cleaner. There should be a long piece left over that hangs below the arms. We'll call this the "tail" of the body.
  3. Use another small pipe cleaner to create hair for the princess. You can wrap this pipe cleaner around the top of the princess's head until you get the desired effect and hair length.
  4. Gather together two different colored baking cups and place one inside the other. This will be the princess's dress.
  5. Use a paper clip to poke a very small hole in the center of the baking cups.
  6. Place the baking cups upside down and poke the tail of the princess's body into the hole. The arms should rest on top of the baking cups.
  7. Glue sequins around the outside of the princess's baking cup skirt.
  8. If you'd like to use these as name card holders, cut off a small piece of pipe cleaner that's the same color as your princess's body. Poke a hole through a 1 x 2 piece of construction paper and thread the pipe cleaner through it. Attach the pipe cleaner to one of your princess's hands.
  9. Write the name of your guest on the piece of construction paper and you're all finished!

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