My Family Shirt

My Family Shirt

What You'll Need:

  • Child-sized t-shirts (1 per child)
  • A potato, cut in half
  • Orange acrylic paint
  • Puffy paint
  • Smocks or old shirts
  • Masking Tape

  1. Before the party, find out how many family members each guest has including parents, siblings and pets.
  2. Write down that child's name and their number of family members (including the child) on the tag of each t-shirt.
  3. Dip the sliced half of the potato into the orange paint and stamp circles onto each shirt. The number of circles should equal the number of family members. Make sure the circles align nicely. For instance, if the child has 6 family members, you can stamp 2 rows of 3 circles in the middle of the shirt.
  4. Stamp all the shirts and allow them to dry before the guests arrive.

At the Party:

Give each guest their pre-stamped shirt. Tell your guests the heads on the shirts have been completed and that they represent each of their family members. Tell the children they will be drawing their family member's faces on the shirts today!
  1. To begin, use masking tape to secure the corners of the shirts to a table or flat surface. This will prevent the shirts from moving while the children decorate the faces.
  2. Make sure all the children are wearing smocks before passing out the puffy paint.
  3. Now the children can draw their family members' face on each circle using puffy paint. Underneath each circle, they can write the names of each person or pet.
  4. When the shirts are dry, they can remove the tape and wear their work of art!

  • Puffy paint takes a while to dry so you may want to do this activity first.
  • Wet shirts can be carefully wrapped around a piece of cardboard, wet side up, to transport.
  • Painted shirts can be washed inside out without bleach.

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