Psychedelic Hair

Psychedelic Hair

What You'll Need:

  • Long Lengths of Colored Embroidery Thread
  • Coated Rubber Bands

At the Party:

Have the girls work in pairs, braiding each other's hair.
  1. First pick up enough hair to make a thin braid about 1/8th of an inch thick. Make a braid and fasten with a rubber band at the bottom.
  2. Next, pick out some colors of embroidery thread in three different colors.
  3. The length of the strings depends on the length of your hair. For shoulder length hair or shorter, measure 1 1/2 times the length of your arm; if the hair comes down to her chest, measure the string out to twice your arm length.
  4. Line up all the strings evenly and tie in a knot around the top of the braid you made in the hair.
  5. Take one of the strings in your right hand and the braid and the other two strings in your left hand.
  6. Then place your pointer finger of your left hand under the braid and the two colors.
  7. Make the knot below about 30 times.
  8. Then, take the color from your right hand and put it in your left, swapping for the other color.
  9. Repeat several times.
  10. Finally, take the third color in your right hand and make the final knots.
  11. Continue switching colors evenly until you finish knotting down the length of the braid.
  12. To finish, tie the strings into a knot at the bottom and cut the extra string.

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