Edible Jewelry Making

Edible Jewelry Making

What You'll Need:

  1. Buy the candy and cereal that you need for this activity, and then separate them by type or color.
  2. Cut the licorice strings into 8-12" segments.
  3. Cut small pieces of Fruit Roll-Ups and wrap around the end of each string to create a stopper for each bracelet. Make sure to leave enough string at the end to tie the bracelet together.
  4. Put the sorted candy and cereal into bowls or bags, and then set out the filled containers just before the party starts.
  5. Bake Sugar cut-out cookies or gingerbread cookies.
  6. Before baking, use a skewer to poke holes at the top of each cookie. Make the holes slightly larger than the licorice string as the holes will close in a bit when baking.
  7. After you have baked the cookies, use scissors to gently widen the hole if it is not large enough for the licorice string to pass through.
  8. Ice the cookies using our royal icing recipe.

At the Party:

Give each child a knotted licorice string, and then let the children slide candy and/or cereal onto their strings until they are approximately 3/4 covered. When they're finished, help each child wrap his/her completed bracelet around his/her wrist and tie the ends together.

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