Construction Party Ideas

By Emily Churchill

Created on June 14, 2016

Construction Party Invitations

Get the build started off right by inviting your guests to the construction site! Don’t forget the hardhats!

· Get the guests ready to go with invitations that show off the construction theme.

· Make sure the guests are ready for the party with their very own hardhats and tape measures!

· Set the tone immediately with aprons for each guest upon arrival!

Construction Party Decorations & Food

Adding just a few decorations can transform any party space into a DIY construction site that’s perfect for any little contractor!

· Putting up a tool wall with some toy tools is a quick and easy way to make the space feel like a real life tool station at any construction site. Hanging signs and a personalized banner is the perfect way to show off your newly formed construction company!

· Creating time card slots for the guests to “clock in” creates an atmosphere similar to a real work area.

· Adding construction signs like “Danger: Restricted Area” and “Days Since Last Accident” are cute touches that’ll make the work space feel like a work space. The addition of safety goggles and a MADS sign can help, too!

The construction site’s a place for hard work, and your little workers are sure to build up quite an appetite once they get going!

· Donuts are a great way to give the workplace feel to the party, and provide some sweets.

· Coffee cups as drink containers can make it look like the guests are getting their caffeine fix for the day (even if they’re not really drinking coffee).

· Some small bags of chips are the perfect little addition to any blue collar worker’s lunch.

· A brown bag full of sweets makes it look exactly like a real brought-from-home lunch for work, no matter what you put in them!

Construction Party Activities

Like every good construction worker, the number one thing to do at the site is work hard! So now that all the guests are filled up and have some energy to burn, it’s time to go to work!

· Along with the aprons, vests and hard hats allow for a full-on costume that the guests can wear while they play, making the party feel even more like a real construction site!

· A cardboard house and some paint offer a fun outdoor activity for the guests. Decorate the house however you’d like, and let the guests paint it to their desires!

Construction Party Favors

Giving each guest a pocketed work apron filled with party goodies is a great way to make sure they’re all ready to get to work!

· Adding a tape measure and a level for each goodie apron will give the guests some real tools to use, while still allow them to remain safe.

· Put a flashlight in each pack so the little workers can see in those hard-to-reach places!

· Some chalk is a surefire way to draw blueprints and prepare for absolutely any building that needs to happen! (Plus it’s fun to play with outside).

· The apron lets the guests feel like they’re ready to clock in and join a real construction project, like a good blue collared worker! 

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Cheryl from Moms & Munchkins styled, wrote and photographed this amazing Construction Party. She's always adding new blogs to the sturdy foundation of party ideas and tips for living a creative and stress-free life!

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