Coloring Pages

Rainbow Coloring Page Bookmark and Share What You'll Need:
  • Copies of Our Printable Coloring Pages from the selections below (1 per guest)
  • Markers
  • Crayons
  • Glitter Glue
  • Stickers
  • Water Colors
  • Scissors
  • Other Decorations, as Desired. And for an addition project that will make the coloring project extra special you can make your own finger paint
At the Party: Give each child a copy of our the Printable Coloring Page and an assortment of art supplies such as markers, crayons, scissors glitter glue, and stickers. After the children finish decorating their pages, have them write their names on their creations or if they are young, you can do it for them. Then, proudly display each picture so the kids can share their artwork. Coloring pages are a great idea for adding some down time to a party and allowing the kids to express themselves creatively. Be encouraging and complimentary regardless of their ability because every drawing a child creates is a memorable work of art

Animals and Insects

Rainbow Coloring Page

Bumble Bee Coloring Page

Make your spring, summer or bee themed party a bit more artsy with a fun coloring project for all of the kids.

Bug Coloring Page

Bugs are everywhere but they are never as cute as they are when you can color them yourself. Let the kids use their imaginations and color them any way they want.

Butterfly Coloring Sheet

Butterflies are so pretty when they flutter about. The kids at your party can capture the beauty of butterflies in a special piece of take home artwork.

Puppy Coloring Page

No one can resist an adorable little puppy. If you can't bring a real pup home from a dog themed birthday party at least you can create the perfect puppy with paper and crayons.

Frog Coloring Page

As the fairytales go, if a princess kisses a frog it can turn into a handsome prince. In the meantime, this frog can use some color. Get out the markers, sticker and glitter for an art project that would be perfect for a fairytale party, or a Princess Tiana party.

Jungle Coloring Page

The jungle is a wild place but this is a pretty tame pictures for little kids to enjoy coloring. Its a great activity

Kitty Coloring Page

Cute little kittens make a great coloring project for an animal themed birthday or a kitty party.

Ladybug Coloring Page

Did you know that if a ladybug lands on you that it is good luck? Send every party goer home with a unique creation all their own by giving them lots of art supplies to decorate this ladybug coloring page.

Lion Coloring Page

For a jungle party or even a Lion King party, the kids can decorate a lion coloring page and then have a roaring contest. ROAR!!!

Monkey Coloring Page

What a cute little monkey hanging from a tree. Everyone can get creative by coloring their monkey anyway they want. Who says a monkey need to be brown anyway?

Penguin Coloring Page

Say hello to your little Arctic friend, the penguin. This picture is fun to color. Even though a penguin is black and white their are many other ways the kids can add their own special touch to their art.

Pony Coloring Page

For a horse themed party the kids can opt for coloring their pony brown, black or gray but for a My Pretty Pony birthday party then anything goes. Pink manes, purple tails and a body with blue spots are A-OK in Paradise Estate.

Color Your Own Pony

This whimsical little pony is ideal for an art project at your child's My Little Pony party. This picture needs lots of glitter and sticker to make it really girly.

Sock Monkey Coloring Page

The sock monkey is so funny with that big red grin. The kids can each make their own sock monkey drawing. For and added activity, they can cut out the shape and glue it to a popsicle stick to make a stick puppet.

Unicorn Coloring Page

Unicorns and magical and mythological creatures with special powers. Every child can capture the magic of a unicorn by using glitter and colors in the art project for a unicorn birthday party.

Zebra Printable

No two zebras have the same stripes and this is especially true because no two children will color their zebra the same.

Cars, Trucks, Planes, and Trains

Rainbow Coloring Page

Airplane Coloring Page

Your child's airplane party will be so much more fun when the kids color this cute sheet. They can even draw passengers in every window. Where do you think it is going? Ask each child and write their response on the paper.

Car & Truck Coloring Page

These are cars and trucks are just like the ones you find on the road everyday. This is a fun coloring page for any boy on a rainy day or for any type of transportation themed birthday party.

Construction Coloring Page

Look at all of the things that you'll find on a construction site. Color the bulldozer, cones and other items. If you want to extend the project, have the kids cut out the object and glue them on "construction" paper.

Motorcycle Coloring Page

This is a fancy street motorcycle that you can make any color you want. It can be sleek or all sup'd up. The kids can even make it metallic by coloring it with glitter pens.

Race Car Coloring Page

If you are having a Hotwheels party or a NASCAR party you'll want to include these race car drawings for the kids to work on after they are done racing around the yard.

Train Coloring Page

Choo choo, all aboard! This page includes an engine, two train cars and a caboose. There are lots of opportunities for adding colors and other elements so encourage every child to use lots of art supplies when making their picture.

Disney Coloring Pages

Rainbow Coloring Page

Sofia the First Coloring Page

Color this Sofia the First page as a take home favor

Sofia The First Robin Coloring Page

The Sofia Robin Coloring Page is one of three styles for the kids to color in at your daughter's Sofia birthday party

Sofia And Friends in the Garden Coloring Page

The girls will really enjoy coloring in this picture of Sofia and her friends in the garden.

The Force Coloring Sheet

The Force will be with all the kids at your child's Star Wars birthday party.

Princess Belle Coloring Page

This is the ideal art project for the kids at a Princess Belle or Beauty and the Beast party

Whether you are celebrating a tradition Alice in Wonderland party, the Disney version or the Tim Burton Version. This standard style coloring sheet will work for all of them

Disney Cars Coloring Page

Lightening McQueen and Finn McMissile need their racing colors. Grab the crayons and go!

Clownfish Coloring Page

This clownfish coloring page would be perfect for your Finding Nemo birthday party but would also work for a ocean theme too.

Rat Chef Coloring Sheet

Only in a Disney movie can a rat be a chef! Cook up a work of art for every child when they color in this Ratatouille page.

Color Your Own Wanted Poster

Flynn Rider is wanted for stealing Rapunzel's crown! Draw a picture of Flynn or any body else you want to put in a "wanted" poster.

Hunny Bear Coloring Sheet

Winnie the Pooh loves his honey. This hunny bear coloring sheet is a sweet project for all the kids during some creative downtime.

Printable Mermaid Coloring Page

This adorable little mermaid will be fun for the little girls to color at your Little Mermaid Birthday Party.

Handyman Coloring Page

Handy Manny loves to fix things. This handyman coloring page will complement your Handy Manny or general construction party.

Dragon Coloring Page

For knight parties, medieval parties and How to Train your Dragon parties, this cute dragon drawing will be fun to color. Girls will even like to make a glittery magic dragon.

Holiday and Seasonal Coloring Pages

Rainbow Coloring Page

4th of July Coloring Sheet

Celebrate Independence Day with your red, white and blue crayons and glitter glue. Make your drawings sparkle like fireworks.

BBQ Coloring Page

Summer parties outdoors almost always include a barbecue. Color your favorite BBQ foods and grill up some fun!

Luau Coloring Page

Take a break from hula dancing and color a pretty Luau picture to bring home from the party.

Summer Coloring Page

Summer is the season for fun in the sun. Color it as bright as the sun and celebrate a summer party with your artwork.

Beach Coloring Page

LIfe is a beach. Sun, sand, beach balls, flip flops and surfboards make a day at the beach fun. They also make great images to color with your crayons and markers

Rainbow Coloring Page

ROYGBIV! You'll need a rainbow of colors in order to color the perfect rainbow. Don't forget to make a wish when you are done. You never know what is at the end of a rainbow

Rainy Day Coloring Page

Every season has its rainy days. Make your rainy day a little brighter with this rainy day coloring page

Fall Coloring Page

The colors of fall are so beautiful! Reds, orange, gold and green. Use this coloring sheet to bring the season to life. For extra fun, do a rubbing with fallen leaves from the yard

Halloween Coloring Page

Celebrate Independence Day with your red, white and blue crayons and glitter glue. Make your drawings sparkle like fireworks.

Thanksgiving Coloring Page

For a Thanksgiving party at school or a fun activity for the kids during a family Thanksgiving, this Turkey coloring page will keep the kids entertained and will give you some holiday artwork to proudly display on your refrigerator

Kwanzaa Coloring Page

The African-American holiday of Kwanzaa celebrates the harvest and it a week long feast of gift giving. Each day you light a candle like the ones in this sheet.

Winter Coloring Page

When it is cold and snowy outside the kids will enjoy drawing pictures while sipping hot cocoa. Don't forget the glitter glue for the look of glistening snow

Valentine's Coloring Sheet

Be Mine! Color a picture for your BFF or your mom and dad to show them that you love them.

St. Patrick's Day Coloring Page

The luck of the Irish will be with all the kids who color a St. Patty's Day picture at your St. Patrick's Day party.

Easter Coloring Sheet

Peter Cottontail will be hopping down the bunny trail on Easter. Why not draw a picture of an Easter Egg Hunt with all the pastel colors of spring time!

Garden Coloring Page

In the spring and summer a garden is so beautiful with its colorful flowers, butterflies and bees. Color in the image on this sheet and add a few touches of your own.

Spring Coloring Page

The flowers need the bees in springtime to help them spread and grow. Tell the kids to make the flowers as colorful as they can so the bee will want to pollinate them all.

Miscellaneous Coloring Pages

Rainbow Coloring Page

Fingerprint Idea Guide

Look at all of the fun pictures you can create with finger painting. All of them where made with thumb prints.

'60s Coloring Page

Peace and Love! All the symbols of the hippie generation are here on this page. If you are looking for an additional art project, try making tie-dye shirts but if you want something with a lot less cleanup simply print one of these for each child.

Printable Baby Music Coloring Page

Babies love music and this image shows it. No matter how little the kids are they can scribble a drawing that will be a masterpiece to any parent.

Circus Coloring Page

The circus is coming to town and you are the grand master of ceremonies. Turn that three-ring circus of a party into a main center ring attraction with a variety of fun circus activities like this Circus party coloring page.

Camp Coloring Page

Before you go on a camping trip you need to color your campsite. This page looks like a great place to set up camp.

Birthday Connect the Dots

Let's color and count! This birthday cake connect the dots works on hand eye coordination, counting and coloring in addition to being a lot of fun. Print out one for every child. It can be used for any theme party with kids old enough to count to the double digits

Dinosaur Coloring Page

Travel back in time to the Jurassic age. These friendly looking dinos are roaming around and flying over prehistoric land.

70s Disco Coloring Page

Do the hustle under the disco lights. After dancing the day away at your disco party take a break for some creativity.

Fiesta Coloring Page

You can't have a fiesta without a sombrero and maracas. Spice up the party with some colorful art.

Game Night Coloring Page

Game night with the family is something that the entire family looks forward to. This coloring sheet has all of the game night favorites

Printable Magic Coloring Page

The classic magic trick is to pull a rabbit out of a hat. In this Magic coloring sheet you see the bunnies ears peaking out. Turn those crayons into magic wands and do some hocus pocus to turn this plain with sheet into a magical work of art.

Movie Coloring Sheet

Lights, camera, action! And don't forget the popcorn too. Before the movie begins the kids can color this movie page which includes a clapboard, film, popcorn and stars.

Printable Sleepover Coloring Page

Lay the sleeping bags all over the floor and break out the markers and stickers to color this scene of girls enjoying a night as a slumber party.

Printable Spa Coloring Page

Its time to primp and pamper yourselves. Color this cute spa page before you do your mani. It the perfect thing to do while you have your face mask on and your toes are drying.

Printable Space Coloring Page

Imagine being a spaceman and drifting in the stratosphere on a space walk. Take a break from the space training to draw a picture of this astronaut.

Super Happy Coloring Page

What's happier than sunshine, balloons and stuffed animals? Here is a cheerful image for boys and girls that is sure to put a smile on their faces as well as their parents'.

Tea Party Coloring Sheet

Girls love to have tea parties with all of their dollies and stuffed animals. Here is a picture of a teddy enjoying a tea party. There is one cup for teddy and one for you because sharing is fun!

Teddy Bear Picnic Coloring Page

This teddy bear is going on a picnic and he brought a birthday cupcake. Join him and color his world.

Toddler Toys Coloring Sheet

Toddlers love playing with building blocks and musical toys like this Jack in the Box. Encourage their early art skills with a coloring sheet that feature familiar toys. Even if its only scribble it is a masterpiece to mom and dad.

Toys Coloring Page

We think that Woody and Buzz would love this picture of a rocket and a cowboy hat. These toys can be found in any boy's toy box and they would be perfect to color for any time of party.

Nickelodeon Characters

Rainbow Coloring Page

Backyard Adventurers Coloring Sheet

Any backyard can become a land of adventure when you use your imagination. That is just what the Backyardigans do. This picture depicts the many different hats you can wear on any number of make believe adventures.

Gingerbread Man Coloring Page

The Gingerbread Man is one of the popular characters from Shrek. You can color him or flip the paper over and draw your own picture of Shrek, Donkey or Fiona.

Boy Explorer Coloring Sheet

Go Diego Go! All of the Dora and Diego fans out there will love this Boy Explorer coloring sheet. Use it as part of the group activities at a Deigo or Dora The Explorer party.

Explorer Friends Coloring Sheet

This fun picture is of Dora favorite monkey Boots along with her map and backpack.

Ocean Themes

Rainbow Coloring Page

Ocean Coloring Page

Many of the ocean's wonderful creatures are included in our ocean coloring page. This sheet would work for any summer, beach or ocean themed party.

Sailing Coloring Page

Come sail away with us. Every child can color their own sailboat. Ask each child to tell a story about where their boat is sailing to and write it on their paper.

Shark Coloring Page

Hammerheads and great whites are two of the common sharks found around the world. Kids can color these sharks and add other ocean life for a unique piece of art to show their parents when they get picked up.

Sea Sponge coloring page

There are some sea sponges in the picture that also includes a pineapple under the sea. Use is as a project for an ocean party or a SpongeBob party.

Popular Characters

Rainbow Coloring Page

Fashion Doll Coloring Page

For a girls who loves Barbie or any little fashionista in training, this fashion doll coloring page will be the perfect activity after playing dress-up and having a runway fashion show.

Batman Coloring Page

Here is a super activity for a Batman party. All the little caped crusaders love to color so get all the crayons ready for these little superheroes.

Dragon-Knight Coloring Page

This is a picture of a knight riding a dragon. Knights are fun characters and so are dragons so this is a fun picture to color.

Fairy Coloring Page

Whether you call this little fairy a Tink or a Sprite, it still a pretty little thing. After the kids are finished coloring be sure to sprinkle some pixie dust on them for a magical finishing touch

Firefighter Coloring Page

Every fireman needs a Dalmatian in the firehouse and this little guy is the cutest fire dog around.

Frog Princess Coloring Page

The frog princess coloring sheet has a happy frog and a crown surrounded by lily pads. It would be a wonderful art project for a Princess Tiana party or any princess party in general.

Boy Wizard Coloring Page

Wizard school is in session! Wave your magic wand crayons over the page and a wonderful coloring will appear before your eyes.

Hello Kitty Drawing Sheet

Hello Kitty is one of the most popular characters of the 20th and 21st century. Girls of all ages love everything Hello Kitty so they'll have a ball coloring this drawing.

Knight Coloring Page

Imagine that you are a knight riding on a fire breathing dragon. Young boys and girls have such active imaginations. This could be a great activity. First they can color their picture then they can tell the group all about it.

Kung Fu Panda Coloring Page

When all the little ninjas get tired of doing karate chops you can sit them down to color a picture of Kung Fu Panda.

Princess Coloring Page

Every little girl will get her own princess to color. Whether they like pink gowns, blue, green, yellow or purple they can style and decorate it any way they like.

Pets Coloring Page

If you child loves Littlest Pet Shop then it would be a great idea to incorporate this coloring page into your party activities. Kids always love when they have something to bring home to show their parents.

Spider Hero Coloring Sheet

If you need an art project for your Spider-Man or superhero party they print out a Spider Hero coloring sheet for every kid at the party.

Smurfs Coloring Page

This is a picture of the house where a smurf lives. Color the house and draw a picture of a smurf outside of it.

Wizard of Oz Coloring Page

One of the characters from Wizard of Oz is the flying monkey. This picture features the monkey but you can use your own imagination to draw Dorothy, the Cowardly Lion, The Tin Man and the Scarecrow.

Strawberry Coloring Page

This big juicy strawberry sure looks yummy but you don't want to eat it, you want to color it!

Cowboy Coloring Page

Everyone will have a rootin' tootin' good time coloring the Cowboy coloring page. Rustle up some crayons and corral the kids around the table to draw a western scene.

Printable Robot Coloring Page

Robots come to life on the page. What will your robot look like? Let's go on a futuristic adventure with our crayons and make a robot. What can your robot do?

Sports Coloring Pages

Rainbow Coloring Page

Baseball Coloring Page

Play ball! Every child's picture will be a home run when they step up to the plate and color in the baseball coloring page at your child's baseball theme party

Bowling Coloring Page

STRIKE! After the kids have bowled a few games they can settle in for pizza and a fun coloring project with this easy Bowling Coloring Page

Football Coloring Page

This is a coloring page for a football birthday party.

Soccer Coloring Page

This is a coloring page for a soccer or world cup birthday party.

Sports Coloring Page

All kinds of sports are fun so have a ball coloring them all. This coloring page will be perfect for your child's sports themed party, no matter what the sport.

Cheerleader Coloring Sheet

Let's hear a big cheer for the cutest little cheerleaders in the room - your daughter and all of her friends. They can color this cheer picture in their favorite team colors.

Sweet Treats to Color

Rainbow Coloring Page

Cooking & Baking Coloring Sheet

Today the kids are the chefs. They can color a delicious sheet of their favorite cookies along with other tools a chef uses when baking.

Candy Coloring Page

Pass the gumdrop mountains and through the lollipop forest with this sweet candy coloring page that would be perfect for a candy themed party, a Candyland Party or as a coloring page for any occasion.

Cupcake Coloring Page

Three yummy cupcakes cover this page. Who can make the most scrumptious dessert. Use all of your colors to create different flavors and combinations. Don't forget the sprinkles with a cherry on top.

Ice Cream Coloring Craft

You get four scoops of your favorite flavors to color then cut them out and stack them on a sugar cone. This is a great coloring craft that uses lots of good skills for young artists. Have plenty of safety scissors available, some glue and don't forget to supervise the little ones.

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