Lion Tamer Game

Lion Tamer Game

What You'll Need:

  • A Large Hula Hoop or a Pole*
  • A Top Hat (optional for the lion tamer)

At the Party:
  1. One player is selected to be the "lion tamer." The other players are the "lions."
  2. To start, the lion tamer holds the hula hoop at ground level while each of the lions steps through it.
  3. During the next round, the lion tamer raises the hoop slightly, and the lions must climb through it again.
  4. Play continues in this way until one or more of the lions cannot make it through the hoop.
  5. The last lion in the game becomes the new lion tamer, and the game starts over again.
  6. Play as many rounds as desired.

*Note: This game can be modified by using a pole instead of a hula hoop and playing limbo-style. Tell the children they are "acrobats" and must try to pass under the pole every time it's lowered.

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