Christmas Party Supplies

It’s the most wonderful time of the year, so what better way to celebrate than with a Christmas-themed party? Break out the Poinsettias and wreaths, and turn your home into a Winter Wonderland.  Birthday in a Box has a great selection of Christmas party supplies to awe your guests; just make sure to leave The Grinch off your guest list!

Your dining room table will be transformed into Rudolph’s landing strip with our festive tablecloths and matching cutlery. Enjoy some tasty eggnog while the children are entertained with Frosty the Snowman of television. No snow this Christmas? No problem! Our snowflake-shaped balloons and streamers can change the inside dynamic, even if it Santa didn’t grant your wish of a White Christmas. Party the night away, but don’t forget to leave some cookies out for St. Nick after your guests head out. 

Christmas Party Ideas and Inspirations

Christmas time is one of the most beloved and looked forward to times of the year. And why shouldn’t it be? There is a chill in the air, fireplaces are roaring and begging for company, and the people you meet on a daily basis become more jovial by the minute. When it’s time to celebrate by bringing some yuletide joy to your family and friends, do so in style with a winter wonderland theme so warm it’ll turn even the Grinch’s frown upside down.

Picture this: your home, warmed toasty with the bodies of friends and family, the scent of apple cinnamon cider wafting from room to room to gather most strongly where you and your loved ones now sit. On the walls are balloons and other decorations of a festive nature. Santa door posters hung outside as a warm welcome, greeting guests and late comers, while festive calls of “Merry Christmas!” ring from everyone inside. 

Sleigh bells and mistletoe adorn the walls. Deck the Halls hum from your stereo system and there isn’t a frowning face in the room. Family and friends are packed in, jolly and conversing happily with one another. New friends and old comingling in complete harmony while the little ones run around chasing little sisters and brothers and cousins to see whose shoes make them the fastest. 

This is the Christmas party we lovers of winter dream of. But who says it has to be a dream? Start planning ahead for the most festive of holidays and everything you want can be yours. It’s all about personalization, and we’ve got a large enough selection to make sure your get together is one to remember.

Turn your home into a dream team of candy canes, blinking Christmas lights and steaming mugs of hot cocoa. Just don’t forget the marshmallows!

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