Vintage Poinsettia Party Supplies

Throw yourself a beautiful and chic vintage poinsettia bash with these flashy items from Birthday in a Box.  We ensure you can transform your vision of a great bash into a reality with a few clicks of your mouse.  Have a great time browsing through all of these items, each one fitting perfectly to your bash, as well as aweing all of your guests. So, it’s the most wonderful time of the year! It’s time to make your guests feel it too!

Vintage Poinsettia Party Ideas and Inspirations

Everyone knows that a white Christmas will never go out of style, but what about those of us with more traditional tastes? How do we get around the chic, sleek, veneer of brushed metal ornaments, silvery tinsel and frosted white Christmas trees? With Vintage Poinsettia. That’s how.

If gathering friends and family to celebrate this beautiful holiday conjures up vivid images of being huddled together in a cozy home next to a warm fireplace then you’ve come to the right page. Our Vintage Poinsettia collection is filled with all of the earthy reds, greens, browns and yellows you long to build around.

Start with invitations and thank yous so quaint and cute your guests will think they were hand made. Use our personalization options to send unique messages of well wishes to each family on your list. Once you know who will be coming over to celebrate, you can plan the meal accordingly. But not before making sure your tableware gives off an equally homey vibe. Paper plates, napkins and cups adorned in glittering gold, soft browns and ever green tree backgrounds should do the job nicely. Maybe add a small pot of Poinsettias as a centerpiece for good measure, and you’re done. 

Decorations and balloons that match the charm put into your table arrangement is a nice way to tie in any other room your guests may be using, but you may want to save the candy canes, gum drops, and other decorative cake supplies for a family friendly ginger bread house building competition.

When it comes to doling out the treats, there are two ways this can be done without breaking the theme. Number one – party favors and gifts. We have a ton of options that range from gift bags that can be stuffed with personalized lollipops, key chains, and other fun baubles. And number 2 – festive piñatas. Whichever you choose is sure to see your younger guests head home more excited for Christmas than ever!

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