Frosted Holiday Party Supplies

If you are dreaming of a white Christmas then look no further! Our items at Birthday in a Box shows all of the winter wonderland goodies made perfect for your party.  Our beautiful red and white dinner plates will have all of your guests in awe. Don’t forget about our elegant decorations either. Your friends something to not mess with! So, get ready to get Santa jealous this year! This bash is going to be something memorable!

Frosted Holiday Party Ideas and Inspirations

Turn your home into a holiday wonderland as merry and bright as the North Pole! Our selection of Frosted Holiday party supplies has all the jingle bells and whistles you need to create a yuletide extravaganza everyone will talk about all year long! Perfect for your yearly family celebration and office holiday parties alike, you are going to be the Santa who brings the party wherever it needs to be!
Announce your festivities with a colorful and vibrantly printed invitation, and then it's time for the real behind the scenes fun! Fell your party space with all the streamers, banners, garland, lights and other Frosted Holiday decorations to make your guests feel as though they just stepped right into Santa's house. Give the holiday a real party atmosphere when you spread several Christmas balloon bouquets around the floor. And put a little playful action into your holiday when you hang a Christmas pinata filled with stocking stuffing favors and gifts for everyone collect.
No party, be it birthday or Christmas, is complete without a breathtaking cake to act as the centerpiece. Our cake toppers, pans and other Christmas cake supplies will have you creating delicious and decorative delicacies you never before thought possible in your own kitchen. Make your snack table an eye-catching attraction all its own when you serve your cake on frosted holiday tableware with matching cups and napkins! Create a complete, top-to-bottom party themes and your organization and attention to detail will not go unnoticed.
If you really want to impress, have your decorations and favors personalized special for the occasion! Your guests will be honored to receive an invitation professionally customized just for them, and that feeling will continue as they enter the party under a one-of-a-kind banner. Create a joyous and magical Christmas experience for all, and with none of the hassle I'm driving store to store for individual items!

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