Elegant Christmas Party Supplies

Make your Christmas as elegant as ever with these sophisticated items. At Birthday in a Box, we make it simple to turn your vision of a Winter Wonderland bash to a reality, and you don’t even have to break your bank! These discounted items will even make Saint Nick jealous.  Enjoy Christmas tree themed everything! From invitations all the way to wall decals! There is no doubt that you will find absolutely everything you need for your Christmas extravaganza. So, enjoy a big glass of eggnog and get ready for the most wonderful time of the year!

Elegant Christmas Party Ideas and Inspirations

If Christmas is your thing – you’re the guy or gal who wears festive winter sweaters and brings in hot cocoa for the entire office the day after thanksgiving – then you’ll love what our Christmas Elegance line has in store. Whether you’re on the party planning committee or just an enthusiast for all things jolly, you’ve come to the right place to match even your most ambitious holiday plans.

Party planners would be smart to start with our invitations and thank yous section. Here you’ll find all of the season’s greetings needed to let your would be attendees know the time and place for the event. Those who are into tailoring unique messages for each guest, however, will want to take a look at some of our personalization options when it comes to cards and the like.

Once you have done inviting guests, you’ll want to make sure the office space resembles anyplace but the everyday work environment. That’s where Santa shaped balloons and other decorations will make all of the difference. Set your tableware to look like a white Christmas explosion complete with glittery silver bells and snowflakes abound. Heck, fill piñatas with office related treats and goodies – like pens, pencils and post it notes – for the kids at heart, or use candy canes and gumdrops for the kids of all ages!

A pot luck style rotation of cakes, cookies and other baked goods can be made festive and chic by utilizing our decoratively elegant cake supplies and toppers. Snowman printed cellophane wrappers and Snowflake sprinkles would be a delight in any setting, but if you’re looking to kick things up a notch, why not use some of these ingredients for a team oriented ginger bread house building exercise? 

At the end of the day the Christmas season is all about giving, so make sure your guests have something to take home with hand crafted favors and gifts which can also be personalized in festive gift bags. Now if that isn’t a great way to wish your friends at the office a very merry Christmas then we don’t know what is!

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