Cheerleader Party Ideas

By Emily Churchill

Created on June 14, 2016

Throw a high-spirited celebration with our Cheerleader Party Ideas! We've provided decorating ideas, game and activity suggestions, and other planning tips so you can cheer your way to a party victory!

Cheerleader Party Planning & Invitations

You can stick with the basics, or add other items to fit your theme. For a Cheerleader Party, you may also want to consider renting or purchasing the following:

If you have the time to make your own invitations, you can customize them to fit your theme, and build excitement before the party even starts! For a Cheerleader Party, try one of these ideas:
  • Cut the shape of a megaphone out of red or pink cardstock. Write the name of the birthday girl in glitter glue on the front, and the party details on the back.
  • Fold a piece of white construction paper or cardstock in half. From the top, cut out the shape of a cheerleading uniform (vest and skirt) so it is only attached at the top. Color in the uniform details on the front with markers in your child's school colors, and write "You're Invited!" on the front of the vest where the school logo would normally go.
  • Take a picture of the birthday girl in her cheerleading uniform. Fold a piece of cardstock in half and paste the picture on top, on the right side. In the white space on the left side, write "You're Invited to [child's name]'s Cheerleader Party! Write the party details inside and decorate with cheerleader stickers and glitter.

Cheerleader Party Decorating & Food

Decorations that match your theme make a party even more fun and exciting, so for a Cheerleader Party, make your party space shine with school spirit!

  • As each guest enters the party area, give them two shoe poms to tie to their shoes and ribbons to tie in their hair. Then, paint a school mascot or cheer slogan on their cheeks.
  • Cut large megaphones and school pennant shapes out of construction paper and write a cheer slogan on each one. Try "Go! Fight! Win!", "Team Captain", "[mascot]s Rock!", or "Beat Those [opposing mascot]s!" to start. Tape these signs on the walls of the party area.
  • Balloons are a must-have at any party! Tie groups of balloons in your child's school colors to the backs of chairs, float them up from tables, or use them to mark doorways. Star-shaped mylar balloons also add a festive touch, as do using pom-poms as balloon weights.
  • If your child's school mascot is something traditional - such as a wildcat, bulldog, or bear - set up some stuffed animals that match the mascot as decorations.
  • Create a canopy in your party area by draping streamers in your child's school colors from the center of the ceiling to the walls.
  • Lay down mats or padding in one area of the party space so your guests can safely practice routines and cheerleading moves.

Cheerleading Party Decorations

Serving food that fits your theme can be a fun way to keep the party exciting! If you have the time to make some cheer-tastic treats, consider these ideas:

  • Set up a sign by the food table that says "Concession Stand". You may even want to make a food board that lists all the food available, and have an adult stand at the table and serve each guest the food that they order.
  • Make edible megaphones by cutting 1/2 inch off the pointed end of a sugar cone. Frost the cone in white frosting and write your child's school abbreviation (i.e. EHS) in decorator icing on one side.
  • Serve popcorn in traditional popcorn bags for an "on the bleachers" type of snack. Let your guests add toppings of cinnamon, powdered cheese, salt & pepper, or chocolate sprinkles.
  • Serve soda, juice, punch, or sports drinks in sports water bottles.
  • Serve coconut snowballs and bugles, but call them "pom-poms" and "megaphones" instead.

Cheerleader Party Favors

Send your team home with party favors that will make them cheer! Here are some cheerleading themed favors your guests will love!

  • Personalized team cheerleading zipper pulls
  • Makeup
  • Pompoms
  • Personalized cheerleading stickers, placemats or bookmarks
  • Water bottles
  • Temporary tattoos
  • Stickers

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