Who Has the Ball of Yarn?

Who Has the Ball of Yarn?

What You'll Need:

  • A chair
  • A ball of yarn

How to Play:
  1. Begin by explaining to the children that cats love to play with a ball of yarn. In this game, they get to be kittens hiding a ball of yarn from their owner!
  2. Have all the children sit in a circle, with a chair in one spot that is facing away from the circle.
  3. Place a ball of yarn on the floor behind the chair.
  4. Whoever sits in the chair becomes the cats' owner, and the rest of the children are the kittens.
  5. For the first round, let the birthday child sit in the chair with his/her back to the rest of the children.
  6. Choose another child to hide the yarn behind his/her back.
  7. When the yarn is hidden, all the children in the circle chant "Meow, Meow, Who has the Ball?"
  8. Now the child in the chair must try to guess who has the yarn.
  9. When he/she guesses correctly, the child who had the yarn is the next to sit in the chair and try to guess.
  10. Continue until everyone has had a turn, or until they tire of the game.

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