Kitty Crafts & Activities

Kitty Crafts & Activities

Cat And Mouse Craft
Your friendly cats will enjoy making their own mouse in a mouse hole! Before the party, collect and wash an empty soup can for each guest. Cover the cut edge of each can with black electrical tape to prevent little fingers from being scratched. Using gray felt, cut out tear drop shapes for the body of the mice. You will also need black construction paper, pompoms, strips of yarn, markers, and goldfish crackers.

On party day, let each child tape a piece of black construction paper around an empty soup can. This will become their mouse hole. Then let them create a mouse using a piece of gray felt you cut beforehand. First they glue on a pompon for the head, and a length of yarn for the tail. Then let them draw on the eyes with a marker. Next, lay the mouse hole on its side and have the children place small fish shaped crackers inside the mouse hole. Add the mouse, and they're done! The children can take home their mouse hole at the end of the party.

Design a Cat Bed
Collect a variety of small boxes before the party, and cut an opening in each. On the party day, let each guest decorate a miniature cat bed of their own with construction paper, markers, crayons, plastic gems, and foam shapes. Provide some fabric or inexpensive washcloths to tuck inside each box as the cat's blanket.

Kitty Cat Bakery
Bake sugar cookies using fish, cat, or bone-shaped cookie cutters before the party. On party day, set out little paper cups of frosting and sprinkles. Let each guest decorate some cookies and eat them, or take them home as party favors.

Cat Bowl Decorating
Provide each child with a new, clean, plastic cat bowl, and let them decorate it with markers, paint pens (for older children) and stickers. Then they can fill their cat bowls with Kitten Chow (cereal snack mix)!

Cat Puppets
Make paper bag cat puppets using colorful lunch bags. Provide triangle pieces of felt for ears, and pipe cleaners for whiskers. Let the children glue these on, and then use markers to draw the eyes and other decorations. Allow time for the children to play with their puppets.

T-Shirt Activity
Older children will enjoy decorating plain T-shirts using fabric paint pens or foam stamps in cat and paw print shapes (from a craft store). Let the shirts dry during the party, and have your guests take them home as party favors. They may want to sign each other's shirts, too!

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