Kitty Costume Activity

Kitty Costume Activity

Let your guests create easy cat costumes! This is a great activity for your guests to do when they first arrive, because the children can wear their costumes during the party.

What You'll Need:

For Masks: paper plates, a hole punch, yarn, pipe cleaners, construction paper and markers.

For Collars: felt or construction paper, markers, stickers, plastic gems, and masking tape. (Alternative instructions use licorice string and round cereal pieces.)

For Tails: strips of fake fur, ribbon, and safety pins.

Cat Mask Craft:

Let your guests make their own cat masks from paper plates.

  1. Before the party, cut out the eye holes, and punch a hole on each side of the plates.
  2. At the party, let the children decorate their masks with pipe cleaners for whiskers, triangles of construction paper for ears, and markers to draw mouths and other designs.
  3. Supply pieces of yarn for them to pull through the holes you punched, and help tie each child's mask behind his or her head.

Cat Collar Craft:

Let the children make their own kitty collars from strips of felt or construction paper.
  1. Give the children decorations like markers, stickers and plastic gems.
  2. When they are finished, use masking tape to secure a collar loosely around each child's neck.
  3. As an alternative to paper or felt, the children can use licorice strings and round cereal to make their cat collars.
  4. Have an adult ready to tie the collars loosely around the children's necks.
  5. The children will enjoy nibbling on their collars during the party!

Purr-fect Cat Tails:

Provide strips of fake fur, ribbon and safety pins. Let each guest make a cat tail by pinning a strip of fur to a ribbon. Then, help the children tie the ribbons around their waists to put on their completed tails.

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