Butterfly Party Supplies

Create the perfect butterfly-themed extravaganza with these party supplies from Birthday in a Box.  Flutter your way through the party with pretty colors that remind everyone of Spring, even in the coldest of weather.  Fall in love with our butterfly-themed table cloths and table décor, fit for only the girliest of girly-girls. Butterflies is a reflection of something small turning into something beautiful. Allow that thought to be circulated throughout the bash with these awesome party items.

Butterfly Party Ideas and Inspirations

Every birthday has the chance to transform into something amazing! Create a complete and beautiful birthday party with our entire selection of butterfly party supplies! A butterfly party will make your child and all their friends feel like they are floating on air when they step into a party space that celebrates their love of these lovable flying bugs.

From the moment your guests received their bright and colorful butterfly party invitations, they will be eagerly awaiting the day-- while you get to make the magic of the day by using our themed banners, streamers and other butterfly decorations to build a party environment that will have the crowd buzzing with excitement. For an even more immersive experience, place a few butterfly balloons around the party. Fill a butterfly pinata with all the candy and party favors your little insect lovers can gather and watch the joyous chaos as they fill a goodie bag that will allow them to take the party home with them.

Your party needs a butterfly birthday cake that's just as beautiful as it's subject, and with our selection of butterfly cake toppers, candles and other cake supplies, you can have an unforgettable birthday cake served on themed and matching butterfly tableware! Top to bottom theme coordination will leave a lasting impression on guests and provide and even more fulfilling celebration.

Give the day another layer of polish when you have the decorations and favors personalized with your child's name. Everyone will be so excited to receive their professionally printed butterfly party invitation personalized special for the occasion. Make your guests feel valued and appreciated and you have likely given them a party experience they will talk about all year long! Don't wait until the day is almost here! Start planning your extravaganza today! 

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