Bubble Guppies Party Ideas

What time is it? It's time for a Bubble Guppies party! Join Molly, Gil, Goby, Deema, Ooma, Nonny, Bubble Puppy, and Mr. Grouper as they navigate the ocean floor and the obstacles and adventures they may face there. Today, let's "think about" birthdays! Any child, boy or girl, can engage in the mesmerizing colors and songs that play out on screen through the Bubble Guppies program. The Little Fish's giggles are contagious! For this nautical shindig, take a trip down to Bubbletucky, the hometown underwater city of the Guppies. There you'll find friends, adventure, and maybe even, most importantly, something new to learn!

Bubble Guppies Party Planning & Invitations

We carry a Bubble Guppies themed deluxe party kit that includes tableware, streamers, and candles. But that's certainly not enough to truly capture the essence of the underwater adventure! There are countless ways to bring the Bubble Guppies to life, ranging on a slide scale between simply inexpensive, and garishly extravagant. Some examples include:

  • A large aquarium or individual small aquariums each containing a small goldfish for each child
  • Bubble Guppies screening on a television
  • Costumes and masks
  • Round, bubble-shaped decor
This themed party is ideal for toddlers, who enjoy simple pleasures. They will be delighted by thematic features such as bubbles, bright colors, and the familiar faces of their favorite characters. Colors and pictures rather than words work best for making this a successful and attractive party.

Bring friends and family together for one of your child's first big birthday parties. Get bubbly and creative! Feature the single-digit age the child is turning largely and boldly on the invitations to emphasize the event's significance. You can follow one of the show's most memorable catchphrases, "What time is it?" with "Time to turn 3!" for example.

  • Cut out invitations in the shapes of scuba masks, like the one Nonny wears.
  • Design an invitation picturing Little Fish with a speech bubble, just like in the opening credits of the show. Only instead of the episode name, the bubble contains information about the party.
  • Include a bubble wand with each invitation so each guest will know what kind of fun to expect at the party!
  • Construct personalized invitations with a homemade touch using blue or green cardstock, including photos of the characters and a catchy message.

Bubble Guppies Party Decorating & Food

  • Clear round balloons will look just like large bubbles
  • Arrange green streamers on walls to create the illusion of seaweed growing from the ocean floor and surrounding the party room
  • Lay blue cellophane on the snack table to look like everything is floating in water
  • Bubble Guppies Hanging Decorations
  • Bubble Guppies Balloons Kit
  • Bubble Guppies Wall Decal Decorations
  • Fill a punch bowl with blue Kool-Aid or sports drink and label it "Ocean Water"
  • Fish shaped treats! Goldfish cheese snacks, Swedish Fish, and Haribo Clown Fish all make a great addition to the snack table
  • Serve green, blue, orange and pink rock candy to match the character's tails
  • Give the classic marshmallow rice treat a Bubble Guppies twist with colorful Bubble Trix Treats!
  • Bring the popular carnival craft home with colorful edible sand art that you can eat. Using Pixie Sticks, guest can make their own layered sandy creations that will also be yummy!

Bubble Guppies Party Favors

Send your fairies-in-training home with party favors that fit your theme. Consider bubbles, sparkly lip gloss, fairy stickers, a book of magic tricks, and candy in a nice favor bag. Or, consider our popular Personalized Favors. Choose from bag tags, zipper pulls, magnets, and more, all personalized with your guests' names or a special message from you!

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