Super Mario Bros Party Supplies

If you can't find a pipe to bring your son and his friends to the Mushroom Kingdom, just turn your house into this mystical video game land for his birthday. A Super Mario Bros birthday party brings the video game to life right in your own home for him and all his friends to enjoy. It features Mario and his brother Luigi fighting through a kingdom filled with odd monsters and trying to save Princess Peach from the evil Bowser. Shop Super Mario party supplies online today!

Who knew a plumber and his younger twin brother could save a magical monarchy? But in the Mushroom Kingdom, there are no more likable superheroes than Mario and Luigi. These battling duos are irresistible to kids everywhere. With winning personalities and a good nature, Mario and Luigi are a favorite among video game players. That’s why the Super Mario Brothers video game is among the most popular in the country and has been for decades! Young players have been fiddling with Nintendo joysticks since the 1980s, trying to get Mario and Luigi to defeat the gigantic, menacing creature known as Bowser. But Mario and Luigi never have to go at it alone! Their equally good-natured pals, like Toad, Yoshi and Princess Daisy lend a helping hand when trouble makes its fearsome appearance. Given the magnetic attraction of the heroic duo Mario and Luigi, throwing a Super Mario party would tickle the fancy of any kid and his young party guests!

Level Up Your Next Party With These Super Mario Party Ideas

Super Mario Bros Birthday Party

Power up your next Mario Bros inspired party with these Super ideas! Players will certainly give it high score marks for creativity and yumminess...

DIY Piranha Plant Decoration

Make your Super Mario Bros Party even that more SUPER with a DIY Piranha Flower.

Enhancing Your Super Mario Bros. Party

Transform your child’s party environment into the Mushroom Kingdom, a place where Mario and Luigi call home. All it takes are a few Super Mario-themed party supplies from us! Start with Super Mario Brothers invitations to welcome the little partygoers to an enchanted kingdom for an afternoon. Decorate the party room with Super Mario balloons and decorations, like Giant Wall Decals or a Super Mario Bros Banner! Every party features sweet treats. Present the goodies on a Super Mario Bros tableware set! When serving the cake, pop in a Super Mario Birthday Candle! The kids will absolutely love breaking a Super Mario Pinata! Don’t forget to send the kids home with Super Mario favors!

While you are decorating the party space in true Super Mario Brothers style, the kids will want more than just fancy paper plates, entertaining party favors and dazzling decorations. Kick up the notch at your kid’s special Super Mario Brothers party with additional essentials. Set up your child’s video game so that players can play during the party. The party environment can be set up so that individual stations in the party serve special functions. For instance, one area can be devoted to a few kids playing a Super Mario Brothers video game while others cheer on. Another area might be dedicated to our marvelous Super Mario Brothers Stand Up figures, where kids can have their pictures taken with the life-size cutouts! What a cool keepsake! The kids with a sweet tooth will love the idea of striking the Super Mario Brothers pinata for a hefty dose of candy! If the weather is pleasant, create an obstacle course Super Mario Brothers style! The kids can race to reach the finish line, but not before the ominous hurdles get in their way, just like in the world of Mario and Luigi! Take a cue from the best of the best and some of the most enduring video game characters ever!

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