Throwing a Skylander bash is a great way to transform your event into a place where your toys can come to life. This is way better than Toy Story, trust us! At Birthday in a Box, we have the best Skylander party supplies fit for the fans who love this video game.  Travel to the world of Skyland and defeat Kaos all the way to the dance floor. Our personalized banners will definitely make your little one feel special in front of their guests.  Also, our deluxe favor Skylanders kit is the perfect gift for party favors, thanking all the little ones for attending this bash! So, make sure your boy gathers up all of his friends and get ready to have the most memorable party ever!

Skylanders Party Ideas and Inspirations

Your child can pay homage to their favorite video game on their birthday this year, with our many and varied Skylanders birthday supplies! Let your child feel like they’ve stepped right into Skylanders with the decorations we have available on this category page. If you’re feeling overwhelmed with how to throw your child the perfect Skylanders birthday, we have everything you need right here to pull everything off perfectly. Don’t miss this opportunity to get everything checked off your list and more, with the ease of shopping on this one stop shop of Skylanders supplies!

You can invite all your child’s friends into the world of Skylanders with the invitations and thank-yous on this page. These cards are going to get everyone in your child’s class excited about partying with the Skylanders at your child’s birthday! Then you can follow through on that excitement by wowing them with the decorations available here. We have balloons and pinatas that will get your child’s friends playing as enthusiastically as they play the Skylanders video games, so you can rest assured that people are going to be having tons of fun!

You can also make the cake into a Skylanders celebration with our cake supplies! We have tableware that will make your child feel like all the Skylanders characters are guests at their party, and don’t hesitate to get them all the cake toppers and centerpieces they could want! We also have personalization options that will make your child feel like they’ve really entered their favorite video game, and favors and gifts that will give your child’s friends souvenirs from the magical world of Skylanders! Don’t miss this incredible category page full of party supplies that will give your child a fantastical Skylanders birthday that they will never forget!

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