Shark Party Supplies

Have the face of the ferocious, but harmless Jaws on your decorations and wall decals with our shark party supplies. At Birthday in a Box, you’re able to see a shark with their mouth open close to your face! After all, how else are you going to eat the cake?! Our selection includes sharks on everything! Don’t worry, though! They can’t hurt you! Their 52 teeth stop working just for the bash!

Shark Party Ideas

If you're fishing for the perfect birthday party, this one is bound to be a splash!. Sharks are cool. There's even a whole week dedicated to these ocean predators. Bring the fun of Shark Week to life at your little one's birthday party with the help of our Shark Party Ideas! Your guests will have a swimmingly good time sinking their teeth into all the activities and treats you have planned for them.

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