Ahoy Pirate

Scream “Shiver Me Timbers” at this event made just for your little Pirate Booties! These supplies from Birthday in Box shows you how to throw the perfect bash with the best supplies around. Our pirate theme is pretty extensive, and nothing in our collection will break your wallet! With a few clicks of your mouse, you are sure to find hidden treasure everywhere! From personalized banners to special wall decorations, you will definitely give Captain Cook a run for his spot at the top! Don’t forget to pick up some of our pirate photo prop set either! It’s definitely the perfect and funny addition to your bash. Arrgh!

Need Inspiration For Your Pirate Party? Check Out Our Pirate Party Ideas!

Arrrghhh you ready to have the best pirate party ever? Pirate Party Ideas from Birthday in a Box will have your entire home looking like a treasure, and it's almost guaranteed that your little scavengers are going to try to take some of the booty home. Make sure you're stocked on food and favors and take some inspiration for how to present both with these helpful tips! Yo ho, yo ho - A pirate party for me!

Pirate Party Ideas and Inspirations

Your little swashbuckler can loot his birthday for all its booty when you decorate his party with our pirate party supplies! You’re going to find that we have everything you need to make him feel like he’s spending his birthday on a pirate ship as the stalwart captain of his own buccaneering vessel. All your child’s friends are going to love channeling their favorite pirate characters, like Jack Sparrow or Captain Hook, when they’re partying on the high seas with your child on their special day! This category page is your one stop shop to make your party space into a pirate ship, so don’t hesitate to click around and find everything we have to give your child the birthday they deserve.

You can make even the invitations and thank-yous special at this pirate birthday, since we have invite and thank-you cards that your child will love filling out to send to all their friends! When your child’s friends see these cards announcing the pirate raid on your child’s birthday, they’re going to grab their cutlasses to get ready for the battle on the high seas! The decorations offered on this category page are also going to make your child feel special, since you can find all kinds of pirate parrots, eyepatches, and other pirate accessories on these wall decals and hanging decorations. Not to mention our balloons and pinatas!

You can even make the dessert special at this pirate party with the cake supplies we have in stock! You can top your child’s cake with a treasure chest or a pirate’s parrot, and with the tableware we have in stock you’ll find that your child is finding pirate treasure all over the table settings. You can also find some personalization options on our pirate category page that will make your child feel like they’re the pirate captain of their own ship, like the Black Pearl! Put your child’s name all over the party to give them the best birthday ever! And don’t forget our pirate favors and gifts!

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