Monster Jam Party Supplies

It will be impossible to contain all the engine-roaring fun that will be had by all the boys at your son's birthday party with the Monster Truck Party theme. They'll be loud and feeling destructive, but there's plenty in this set to ensure that they'll be well-behaved and entertained for hours. The tableware in this theme features a large and powerful monster truck with flame decals decorating its doors and giant mud-churning tires. This theme pops out and inspires excitement, so the immediate impression of the party will be a positive one.

You can order precisely what you need in the quantity you desire, or choose from one of our three different kits that serve eight. The Monster Truck Birthday Ultimate Kit comes with all the essentials like cutlery and extra decorative goodies like balloons, curling ribbon, and a centerpiece.

Really Get Your Engines Revved With These Awesome Party Ideas

Get ready to smash and crash your way through the ultimate birthday bash! If you've been planning a monster truck party for your little one, it's time to rev your engines and prepare a truckload of fun for all of your guests! Our monster truck party ideas have everything you need for planning a mud flying good time from invitations to party favors. So put your party planning into gear and let’s get this party started!

Monster Jam Party Ideas and Inspirations

Vroom vroom! Get your engines fired up for your child’s big birthday party this year when you pick up our fun Boys Monster Truck themed party items! There’s no party quite like a monster truck party, that’s for sure. With our fun monster truck supplies, you’ll have your child and all of his guests feeling like professional monster truckers by the end of the night.

Choose from one of our dynamic Monster Truck invitations to send out to your child’s friends, and then begin decorating for the massive occasion. With our colorful and fun Monster Truck decorations and balloons, you’ll have your house feeling and looking like a wild demolition derby arena for all the kids to play in. From our personalized trucker birthday banners to our monster truck wall decals to our fun monster truck cardboard stand-up, there’s enough awesome items here to give the kids pure joy and excitement for hours.

All of that engine revving and driving works up an appetite, that's for sure. Be prepared for when the kids get hungry with our awesome matching tableware items and cake supplies. Each of our plates, cups, napkins, and table covers feature totally cool images of monster trucks either landing on cars or flying off of ramps – everything a kid gets excited by!

Keep the fun revved up to the max when you bring out our giant monster truck pinata. This black and green truck pinata is truly one of a kind. The kids are going to have a blast taking turns whacking away at it for its candies and sweets inside!

Before your guests leave, be sure they take some of our awesome Monster Truck themed party favors and gifts, as well as our personalization items where you can write custom birthday messages on a variety of related goodies. Monster truck bouncing balls, erasers, trucker hats, and mini stickers – we have all kinds of fun options to choose from to make this party a monstrous hit!

Monster Truck Party Ideas

Once you've decided monster trucks will be theme of your kids party, you are now faced with how best to convey this theme in a way that is exciting and cool. Everyone wants their party to stand out, and you are only one or two good ideas from creating a unique and memorable monster truck celebration that showcases everything your child loves about these motorized monsters of mayhem. When your refreshments resemble concession stand food, you have begun to immerse the guests in the monster truck environment they have come to love and expect. Have more fun with this idea when you decorate small donuts as spare tires or handout truck rally trophies filled with candy. These seemingly small additions are what will stick out when your guests think back on the time they had. Give everyone at the party their own little toy monster truck and a sheet of stickers so they can design their own perfect vehicle and then have fun racing and crashing them against everyone else's. This is an action-packed and enjoyable activity that helps develop your party experience and leaves them with a favor they designed themselves to take home. Click here to find other great ideas to make your monster truck party a roaring good time!

Monster Truck Party Supplies


Announce your monster truck blow out with a round of bright and vibrant invitations featuring their favorite trucks on eye-catching and attention-getting backgrounds. Calendars will be marked, and all their guests will be eagerly awaiting the day when you request their presence with a themed, professionally printed invitation letting them know of the good time ahead. Get your party started on the right foot when the first impression leaves the guests smiling and excited! Your monster truck party is off to a roaring start already and the doors haven't even opened yet.


It's easy to overlook, with all the exciting decorations, but having coordinated and matching tableware among your monster truck party supplies is the subtle step that will tie your entire aesthetic together. The cake on the table is only half the story. A set of monster truck plates and cups coupled with color schemed forks and spoons provide the rest of a refreshment table that is every bit as fun to experience as any goodie bag or game. The cake table is a focal spot for any party, and your group of little gearheads is no different. Make sure your monster truck party is complete and cohesive, and the day will be even more memorable and satisfying.


As the face of your party, you will want a party space filled with decorations that command attention and inspire a sense of fun and wonder with your child in the middle. Our monster truck cardboard cutouts, banners, centerpieces and other decorations and party supplies will transform any room into an amphitheater filled with all the car crushing excitement your kid loves. Try a couple backdrops to fill in any blanks spots in your space to build a fully immersive experience that will make everyone forget they are just in your living room or local restaurant. Bring Bigfoot and all his monster truck buddies to your next party and you are in for a high-octane occasion full of fun and thrills.


When planning any party, the first thing on the list is always balloons. Make your monster truck birthday party come alive when a variety of themed balloons and balloon bouquets pepper the floor. Your decorations will pop off the wall when the party space features matching balloons. Mylar or matte, we have monster truck balloons ready to make your theme more immersive and your otherwise blank space filled with the same color and tone as the rest of the party. It's easy to overlook, but party balloons also make a really fun favor to give out at the end. Everyone loves balloons!


As amazing as the party already is in your head, imagine the look on your kid’s face when all the monster truck party decorations have been personalized with their name just for the big day. Everyone feels like a star when they enter their own party under a banner naming them specifically. That is exactly the feeling you want your child to have as their monster truck extravaganza begins. But banners are just the beginning. Party favors, stickers, buttons and more can be made with their name for a birthday party experience that feels even more unique and all for them. Take your party to the next level with this easy and powerful option.

Favors and Gifts

Nothing makes your guests feel more appreciated than leaving them with a themed goodie bag full of monster truck party favors and gifts. Choose from our huge selection, or go with a bag of assorted favors to build a monster truck bounty that will have the good times continuing long after the party is over! Keep with the monster truck theme with noisemakers and buttons that let them relive your little monster truck rally again and again. Toy cars and other interactive favors are always a good way to go when you are dealing with a group as active as this. Give your guests something special to remember the day and you have made a memory they will treasure forever.

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