Miles From Tomorrowland

Go on a great adventure, soaring through space and time with these futuristic Miles from Tomorrowland party items. At Birthday in a Box, we make sure you have all of the perfect party supplies that will make your bash great! We make it simple to celebrate with your favorite explorers in an out-of-this-world party, made just for your little one.  These wide range of decorations to choose from allow you to transform your home into a splitting image of Tomorrowland. Don’t forget our wall decals as well! With all of this décor, you don’t have to worry about making sure your party is exclusive. There is enough decorations to go around for all parties in this theme to be unique!

Miles From Tomorrowland Party Ideas and Inspirations

Ready to embark on an outer space expedition just like the main character from Miles From Tomorrowland? If that's the case, then you will have to prep for the mission! To help you do that, you can use this Miles from Tomorrowland party kit to host an epic birthday party full of excitement and adventure! Who's ready for blast off?

Since the entire theme of this party kit deals with outer space, it would be a good idea to first invite fellow astronauts on the expedition. Why not take advantage of the invitations that are part of the kit? All you have to do is set the time and place and then send out the invitations to all necessary guests! We are now one step closer to the birthday party.

As for the party itself, you will first need to decorate the party room. To help you do that, you can use these Miles from Tomorrowland decorations and balloons (as well as the personalization if you want to write your very own custom message). Place the items throughout the party room and you should be good to go! If we could suggest one more thing, try to dim the lights a little bit and place some glow in the dark decorations as well. That way, you create a fun outer space atmosphere!

When it comes to dining, you got the cake supplies for the cake, the tableware for the table where guests will eat, and the piñata which will be loaded with candy...lots of candy. Try to incorporate other outer space elements into the mix and see how creative you can get!
Let's not forget about the favors, gifts, and the thank you's! After all, you want to make a good impression on all guests at the end of the party as well as make them come for more next year, right?

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