Medieval Dragon Party Supplies

Throw a bash that will make everyone attending feel like royalty! Our medieval party supplies from Birthday in a Box will have all guests feel like they’re be able to fight a dragon to protect their land.  Transform your home into a Kingdom without breaking your wallet with expensive items.  With awesome cutlery that will make you feel like you grew up in the 15th century, and favors and gifts that add perfectly to the theme!  So, make sure you suit up in the best gear, rescue the damsel in distress and have lots of cake at this Medieval-themed bash!

Medieval Dragon Party Ideas and Inspirations

Did your son ever wish to slay a dragon and show everyone that he is the greatest knight in all the land? Step into a time machine and travel back to the Medieval times and assume the role of a brave knight who shall begin his epic journey! Introducing the Medieval Dragon Party Supplies! Create your very own tale during the birthday party by incorporating the party supplies into the planning and showing everyone what a great birthday party this will be!  

Create a custom cake and have a friendly dragon use its fire breath to help you out. Plus, you can use the cake supplies to make the cake look even more epic while using the tableware to serve the cake to all guests. There's a fun and interactive piñata too! With that, you can put in some candy as well as treats, and hang the piñata up. Then, watch as your brave little knight slays the piñata and gets the candy as a wonderful reward!

But we need to consider the party itself! With that, you can use the decorations and balloons to turn the place into something really unique and magical. Plus, you can take advantage of the personalization and create a custom message for everyone to read and enjoy! That way, the party has a little bit of your very own personal touch. 

Hold on! What about the invitations? After all, without any invitations, you will have no guests. For that, you can use these Medieval Dragon invitations to invite all friends to the party!

After the quest is complete, reward the guests for coming by giving them favors and gifts, and a thank you card. Show some appreciation for their attention and get their curiosity! After all, you want them coming back for more next year right?

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