Jurassic World Party Supplies

John Hammond's vision can be your kid's dream come true. Throw a birthday bash of dinosaur proportion with these Jurassic World party supplies to bring the magic of InGen's latest endeavors to your home.

To decorate, we also carry balloons and tablecloths printed with the movie's fierce carnivores. For entertainment purposes, fun activities like breaking a pinata open can be done with a variety of dino pinatas, including one featuring the T-Rex from the movie.

Jurassic World Party Ideas and Inspirations

Make your child’s next birthday party a prehistoric one when you pick up our Jurassic World themed party items! Velociraptors, T-Rexes, or Triceratops… which one is your child’s favorite? With all of our fun dinosaur themed items, you can be sure your child and all of his guests will be roaring like dinos from start to finish.

Begin with one of our special dinosaur invitations and then check out our Jurassic World themed decorations and balloons to make sure your house feels like a prehistoric playground for the kids. With our giant T-Rex posters, our Gigantosaurus cardboard stand-ups, our personalized dinosaur banners, and so much more – you’ll have everything you need to make sure this b-day bash is as powerful as a Stegosaurus.

When it’s time for cake and desserts, you know the cute little raptors are all going to be hungry. Don’t worry, you’ll be more than prepared with our Jurassic World tableware items and cake supplies! Each of our plates, cups, napkins, and tablecovers feature a blue and orange color scheme with all of your child’s favorite dinosaur creatures printed atop it. With these fun and festive table items, it will feel like the dinos are joining your child and all of his friends for dessert!

Keep the kids roaring all party long when you bring out our fun Jurassic World pinata. Featuring an image of a giant Tyrannosaurus Rex, your child and his guests are going to just love testing their might as they take a big swing at it. Before everybody leaves the house, be sure you give out our fun Jurassic World themed favors and gifts, as well as our crafty personalization items. Dinosaur tote bags, lollipops, bracelets, stickers and more – we have a wonderful variety to choose from.

If your child loves dinosaurs more than anything, then don’t miss out on the Jurassic World themed party items.

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