Iron Man Party Supplies

Tony Stark devised the Iron Man suit that will serve as inspiration for your little boy's next party, so it is your turn to devise the best party ever with our Iron Man 3 party supplies. This metallic, armored super hero is the alter ego of the genius engineer and billionaire Tony Stark. Your son loves his look and what he stands for, so he is sure to love a party decorated with special items featuring his favorite comic book character. He and his guests will be prepared to blast off into birthday action when they see this theme straight from the movies!

The whole look and awesome heroic atmosphere of the party will begin with the decorations. There is a whole slew of super decor to deck out the party space with red and gold, Iron Man's signature colors. There are Mylar balloons with his famous image, as well as ones that are shaped like this soaring hero and stars. There are banners to shout out a happy birthday message to your little guy too. You can actually personalize the message on one of these cool banners too! We also carry a large selection of streamers and curling ribbon that come in colors sure to coordinate with any of other items you choose.

Iron Man Party Ideas and Inspirations

Sure, your child may not have any super powers, but who actually needs them when you can have a powerful, cool, and durable suit that can do so much?! Does your son dream of becoming the iconic Iron Man? If so, then why not throw him a surprise birthday party with the Iron Man theme and these Iron Man Party Supplies? 

Before the party can begin and the celebration started, friends and classmates have to be invited. Why not use these Iron Man invitations? Aside from having an official look to them and looking really cool, these invitations go hand in hand with the whole Iron Man theme as well!

Now that invitations are out of the way, it's time to get to the party itself! Luckily, this kit has everything you need. Want to decorate the birthday cake? Sure! You can sue these cake supplies! Want to have tableware with Iron Man on it? We got you covered! What about balloons and decorations? No worries, because the kit includes them as well. And who on earth could forget about the piñata?! With Iron Man and his buddies gracing the piñata's design, you know for a fact that the party will reach legendary proportions!

However, there is even more to it! You can take advantage of the personalization to create and write down custom messages to be displayed for everyone to read and see! That way you can have a personal touch to the entire party! There is also the thank yous, and favors and gifts that you can use. Hand them out to each guest who came to celebrate your child's birthday. That way, when the partying is over and it's time to go home, the guests will have something as a memory of the fun event. That is, until next year!

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