How to Train Your Dragon Party Supplies

Are you ready to celebrate in hot fashion this year and throw a flamin’ “How to Train Your Dragon” bash? If so, then these party supplies from Birthday in a Box are definitely screaming your name! Everyone will feel like they are on the remote village of Berk after stepping foot in the door.  Your little dragon buddies are definitely   going to be amazed when they see all of the great decorations. So, make sure to browse through these personalized items, deluxe tableware kits, and much more to make your party one for the books!

How to Train Your Dragon Party Ideas and Inspirations

Invite Hiccup and Toothless to your child’s birthday party this year when you pick up our awesome How To Train Your Dragon party supplies! Is there a kid in the world who doesn’t dream of riding dragons and taking on bad guys? Nope, I don’t think so! This year, your child will have a wild and fiery birthday party with friends when you make it a How To Train Your Dragon theme.

Give everyone the memo that it’s going to be a wicked cool dragon party when you send out our awesome How To Train Your Dragon invitations. All of the kids will be dying to attend the party when they see the cool dragons on these special invites. 

Upon arriving, the kids will instantly feel like they’ve stepped into a medieval world when you decorate with our fun and festive How To Train Your Dragon decorations, banners, and balloons. Go crazy with our special personalization items and make custom message stickers, favor boxes, lollipops, bubbles and more! Your child and his or her friends are going to love it!

When it’s time for cake and cookies, you’ll be more than ready with our awesome How To Train Your Dragon tableware  items. Dragon printed cups, napkins, plates, table covers and more – we have it all! Our cake supplies will make sure you have the best spread of desserts on this side of Middle-Earth. All of the little dragons and dragon-riders at the party will be filled up in no time.

But not before finishing off the party with our super fun How To Train Your Dragon piñata  of course! Watch as the kids have a blast trying to bust open this special pinata for its candies and goodies inside. Of course, don’t let any of the guests leave without taking their party favors and gifts. Dragon erasers, magnets, candies, and more – with these special items, everyone will remember this party long after it is finished.

Whether your child’s favorite character is Hiccup, Astrid, Toothless, Ruffnut, or any of the others, you can’t go wrong with these awesome How To Train Your Dragon party items. Pick up yours today, and go give your child a party only fit for a true dragon-rider!

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