Football Party Supplies

Go big or go home when you throw your son a Football Party that is sure to knock him out of his cleats. You'll be sure to gain a couple of extra points after purchasing several of the party supplies in this theme to help you have the perfect plan for game day. Order football party supplies online today!

No matter which team you're pulling for in the big game, Football Party Ideas are sure to get you ready to cheer on your favorite squads. There's no suggestion on this page that isn't super, and it takes you from the opening kickoff of party planning (aka sending invitations) all the way to the game-winning touchdown (aka sending your guests home happy with awesome party favors). Don't play it safe - Go deep when planning your football party, and remember that Birthday in a Box is here to help with every snap of the ball!

If you're looking to score major fun points, it's time to huddle up and plan the perfect party. From a championship game watch party to a birthday bash, a football-themed party is sure to score. Our Football Party Ideas are full of some super, high scoring ideas for you. Don't fumble when it comes to planning your celebration. 

Football Party Ideas and Inspirations

Huddle up for all kinds of fun on the gridiron with our Football party supplies! Everyone enjoys a tossing around the pigskin with their pals which makes getting ready for a big event quite exciting. Whether it’s the Super Bowl or youth league celebrations, you are going to have a good time featuring any of these products during the game. Get your game face on and prepare for the fun!

Get together with your friends, family, and teammates to cheer for all your favorite players! Grab our football cake supplies and tableware to set out plates, napkins and cups. There are some specially made for the professional teams complete with logo! If you need something plain, we offer items depicting a football which are perfect for your kids’ school or youth league events. We also have all kinds of football invitations and decorations to fit each occasion. Wall decals, banners, pinatas and balloons are available. Cool props for photo ops and more food decorations will turn your place into a realistic football stadium!

There are lots of goodies to give away to young fans. We have little toys, favors and gifts so you can keep everyone entertained. There are football personalized items to include as well. You can have individual or team names printed on labels for lollipops, keychains and more. They are also perfect for creating awards for any deserving athletes. We have all kinds of cool items to make for prizes and rewards if you get creative.

We can even suggest some cool celebration ideas that’ll make your event a touchdown! Whether you are playing touch, tackle, or flag football everything here fits! We ensure that every single supply you need for the big game is all in one place. Cheer for your teams as they make their way to becoming champions all while enjoying the party.

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