Disney Cars Party Supplies

One of the favorite parties for boys is a Cars themes party. It is also one of the most popular boy's Disney party ideas. Lightning McQueen features prominently in this partyware set so it he is your child's favorite character, you are in luck.

The plates and table wear are fun because they feature not only Lightning MqQueen but also Tow Mater, Finn McMissile and Francesco. Kids can choose a plate that features their favorite characters. We just love the way all the pieces coordinate so the entire theme comes together for a perfect finish.

Disney Cars Party Ideas and Inspirations

When you invite Lightning McQueen and Mater over for your child’s birthday party, you know it’s going to be a zooming success. With our Disney Cars themed party items, it’s a given that your child and his friends are going to have the time of their lives.

Choose from one of our fun invitations featuring Lightning McQueen in action and you’ll have all the kids’ engines revved up for the party. Set the house up with our matching Disney Cars decorations and balloons, and it will look just like a racing track was propped up inside your very own home! From Lightning McQueen stand-ups to personalized birthday banners to white and black checkered racing flags, we have everything you need to make this party a race for the ages!

When the little speedsters get hungry, you’ll be more than prepared with our Disney Cars themed tableware and cake supplies. Each of our plates, cups, napkins and table covers featuring printed images of all of your child’s favorite racecar characters, like the shiny red Lightning McQueen and the bright yellow Cruz! With these fun table items, your child and his guests will feel like they’re in the movie themselves, eating right beside these quirky racecars.

After cake, it’s time for candy. That’s right, bring out our Lightning McQueen pinata and let all the kids take a swing! But don’t let the fun stop there. Once all of the candy and sweets are properly looted, be sure to hand out some of our fun Cars themed favors and gifts, like our car toys, racing blowouts, and fun personalization items like our lollipops, stickers, and more!

If your child and his friends are a fan of the Disney movie Cars, then you definitely don’t want to miss out on these super fun party items. Pick up your Disney Cars themed supplies today, and go make this birthday bash a true 1st place victory!

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