Construction Party Supplies

Build your son a birthday bash our Construction Party! If trucks and bulldozers are your kids' passion, then our Construction Birthday party supplies are just what your little foreman ordered! This party themed tableware is designed with everything the aspiring contractor will love: bulldozers, cranes and dumptrucks with a printed dirt borders and a blueprint background. This is the perfect boy’s party idea if ever there was one!

Dig into the fun by accessorizing this party with decorations that turn your venue into a construction site. You can set up a dump truck pinata, serve a cake shaped like a truck and all of your guests can wear hard hats instead of party hats. There are also interactive activities you can buy such as a construction site sticker scene that will allow all of the little boys to create their own work site. Other fun stuff like tool shaped bubble containers and water squirters make great toys to play with at the party as well as being ideal to give as party favors. You can create so many party ideas that are simple and inexpensive when planning a party like this. Be sure to visit the party ideas section and click on Construction Truck Party for many more suggestions.

Do you have a little one who is turning another year older? Well, that means it's time to dig in and construct the perfect party. A party theme is a foundation for any celebration. Once you have that you can build a party your little one will never forget. Speaking of building, a construction party is always a hit! Check out our Construction Party Ideas to figure out the blueprint for your little one's birthday.

Construction Party Ideas and Inspirations

Lay out the blueprints for a fun time with our Construction Party supplies! In order to build your kids a big birthday celebration, you’ll need all the right equipment. We have got all the heavy duty machinery ready to create an event they will really dig! If your child loves big rigs and getting dirty then everything here is perfect for their party.

Start with the groundwork by sending out some construction invitations to let everyone know of the theme. Work your way to some supplies like tableware which consists of plates, napkins, covers and utensils. Of course you are also going to need decorations to show off! We’ve got banners and centerpieces to match. There are also photo props and decals for the entire crew to check out once they arrive. Bulldozers, cranes, tractors, dump trucks and more are all featured for some fun.

There are still plenty of supplies you might need to make this complete. We have construction balloons and piñatas which offer even more decoration and entertainment. Who wouldn’t want to bust open a dump truck full of candy? If you need cake supplies like themed candles, stands or cutlery we have those too. We offer a ton of favors and gifts you can use as giveaways and prizes. There are some toy trucks and helmets for guests to play with. Even an entire set of personalized goodies are available for you to put names or messages on.

If you need some help coming up with construction party ideas don’t worry! We have some tips and tricks available as well. Turn a kitchen into the worksite breakroom and fill the backyard with sand and blocks for guests to start their own building projects. Everyone will enjoy your child’s party as soon as it all comes together. Get those hard hats ready and build a construction party now!

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