Circus Party Supplies

Transform your home into a Ringling Brothers bash with these items from Birthday in a Box. You will love our circus-inspired supplies that you can use for other shindigs, and guess what! You won’t ever have to break your wallet. Our discounted circus party supplies range from your favorite circus animal tableware, to great piñatas for the kids. At a bash like this, there is no such thing as a circus freak. Everyone will totally love this party and everything that comes with it! So, get ready for your little one to beg to you to take them to a real circus after attending this party. It’s that realistic!

Get Inspired By Our Circus Birthday Party Ideas

The circus may only come to town once a year, but that doesn't mean you can't have some circus-inspired fun for your little one's birthday! Invite one and all to step right up to your tent full of magic and wonder. From the circus-themed invites to the carnival party games, our Circus Party Ideas will have you ringleading the fun in no time.

Circus Party Ideas and Inspirations

Gather ‘round for the biggest celebration when the circus comes to town! A thrilling time awaits as you can create all the acts found under the big top with these party supplies. Put together an event for your child’s birthday that is sure to have the entire neighborhood talking. Every single supply and decoration for a spectacular circus is all right here!

Come one, come all for the biggest show of the year! Get all your guests ready for an amazing event. Send out some themed invitations to let them know it will be time to clown around. There are numerous circus tableware items such as plates, table coverings, napkins and more to set up. Matching decorations are a must for their big moment. Wall decals, balloon bouquets, and tons of confetti all add the perfect amount of party pizzazz! Cake supplies and candy sweeten up the special moments even more.

A circus party wouldn’t be complete without fun games and entertainment. Set up some classic fairgrounds fun to go all out! Piñatas of popular circus animals are available as well as props to make the whole place look like a circus. Circus decorations can turn any home into a night under the big top. You can even have the whole family get involved by playing roles such as silly clowns, daring acrobats, and the pet cat or dog can be dressed as a lion to be tamed. There are so many other great circus ideas to share on our website!

For the final act, be sure to close the show with tons of goodies. Party favors and gifts are available (and ready for personalization) to supply your guests with amazement even after the curtains have been drawn. Take a bow as you just pulled off the most entertaining event of the year for your child! Be sure to save everything as an encore performance may be right around the corner.

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