Blaze and the Monster Machines Party Supplies

Blaze and the Monster Machines is not only cool, it is educational. It takes STEM concepts (science, technology, engineering and math) then makes it suitable and entertaining for a preschool audience. Way to go Nickelodeon! The CGI anthropomorphic characters include the star, Blaze, a red monster truck with a hear of gold and Darington, a brave yet clutzy blue truck that loves to do stunts. 8 year old AJ is Blaze's driver and best friend. He is also a young genius. Throw your child a Blaze and the Monster Machines Birthday Party and the kids will have a blast playing with trucks while you enjoy the peace of mind that they are learning while they celebrate.

Follow these tips in order to have a great Blaze and the Monster Machines Theme party. Start with the invitations. You can choose from pre-printed or personalized. Next, you'll need your paper goods. We suggest purchasing a Deluxe Birthday Kit which will include all of the tableware for 8 people plus streamers and candles. That gives you all of the basics. To rev up your theme, you can add other decorations like banners featuring the birthday boy's name, as well as pinatas and balloons that feature Blaze. Complete your shopping list with prizes, party favors and thank you cards all fitting your party theme.

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