Roll a Strike!

Roll a Strike!

What You'll Need:

  • One large poster board in any color
  • Black construction paper
  • White paper
  • Double sided tape
  • Scissors
  • A blindfold

  1. Use scissors to cut a bowling ball for each guest from the black construction paper.
  2. Next, cut out ten bowling pin shapes from the white paper.
  3. If you wish, draw two red lines around the neck of each pin with a red marker.
  4. Attach the bowling pins to the poster board in the triangle format used at a bowling alley.
  5. Tape the bowling alley poster you've created to a wall in the party area, keeping the height of your guests in mind.

At the Party:
  1. Let the birthday child play first, and blindfold him or her.
  2. Place a piece of tape on the back of a bowling ball, and hand it to the player.
  3. Depending on the age of the player, have him or her stand anywhere between 3' and 10' away from the Bowling Alley poster on the wall.
  4. When ready, spin the blindfolded player a few times (but don't make them dizzy!), and then stop the child so she or he is facing in the direction of the bowling alley poster on the wall.
  5. Let the player walk forward and try to correctly pin the bowling ball on the poster!
  6. The goal is to attach their ball closest to the front bowling pin.
  7. Repeat until every player has had a turn.
  8. Whoever places their bowling ball closest to the target is the winner!
  9. If you wish, you can award all players a small prize, such as a sticker or piece of candy, and award a larger prize to the winner.

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