Odd-Ball Bowling!

Odd-Ball Bowling!

Set up a fun and crazy bowling game in your home or yard that really lets the children have a ball! Instead of standard bowling pins and balls, this game is played using unusual balls and odd items as the bowling pins.


  1. Gather unusual items from around your house that can be used for bowling.
  2. Try empty milk cartons, a plastic vase, rubber rain boots, tall books, cereal boxes, and empty cans.
  3. You will also need odd bowling balls such as tennis balls, soccer balls, or golf balls.

At the Party:
  1. Set up ten of the odd-ball bowling pins in the triangle format used at a bowling alley.
  2. Have the children line up and take turns bowling with the odd balls to see how many items they can knock down. Let them have two rolls on each turn.
  3. Then use another of your odd balls and start the game over.
  4. Continue play until each child has had a turn with each odd-ball.

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