Crazy Bowl

Crazy Bowl

This variation on normal bowling can be played at home during 'Soda Bottle Bowling" or at a bowling alley.Instead of using the normal bowling technique to roll the ball, choose one turn as Crazy Bowl and give the children fun techniques they must use to roll the bowling ball.


  1. Make a list of fun and silly ways to roll the bowling ball.
  2. For example, roll the ball while standing on their tip toes, or with their eyes closed, or roll the ball between their legs, or between the birthday child's legs, or while balanced on one foot.
  3. Ask your child for ideas, too!

At the Party:
  1. When you feel the time is right, announce to the children that during the next frame, everyone will be playing Crazy Bowl, and give them instructions to follow on their next turn.

  2. Continue until each child has had a turn, or keep going if they are enjoying this game!

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