Bloody Halloween

Bloody Halloween Party Ideas and Inspirations

Halloween is a holiday filled with fright, fears, costumes and scares. Why should your celebrations be any different? Turn your home into a make-shift murder scene and really test the bounds of your creativity with our Bloody Halloween themed party supplies! Whether you’re going for hardcore hellscape or a little light leeriness, you won’t be disappointed with this selection of diabolical doo-dads. 

Start with the invitations and thank yous to set the mood you’re going for. Our personalization options allow you to specify the victim of these blood splattered call outs, but it’s the gratuitous gore of hand printed balloons and piñatas that will tie the entire room together. Hang decorations that make it look like it’s raining the red liquid down on your guests or set your tableware to look like it’s gushing blood all over the paper plates, cups and utensils.

Imagine presenting your guests with an insane asylum theme that utilizes creepy messages written on the walls in removable red ink, or a rusty butcher shop where the only meat served is human. Now imagine that all of your baked goods serve to further enhance the experience by using cake supplies which include bloody red frosting, cupcake wrappers printed with guts and other great gross out themes. The only thing left for you to do is dim the lights and let the sweet smell of fear bring your guests to the table!

Once the foods have been devoured and the festivities are coming to a bitter sweet end, thank your guests for coming with one last gag. That’s where our personalization options come in, because the only thing better than party favors and gifts is a smattering of personalized lollipops, plastic eye balls and eerie glasses stuffed into a blood red treat box with your name on it!

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