Guess the Lyric

Guess the Lyric

To play Guess the Lyric, we recommend using songs from your related party theme. For example, if you're having a Disney party, you could use the songs "Be Our Guest," and "Under the Sea." It's more fun if you use songs that are fast paced!

What You'll Need:

  • A music player with a pause button
  • A CD of children's' music such as Disney songs or Nursery Rhymes
  • A medium sized ball
  • A prize (optional)

How to Play Guess the Lyric:
  1. Sit the children in a circle.
  2. Hand one person the ball.
  3. Start playing the music.
  4. As the music is played, the children should start passing the ball quickly (but carefully) around the circle.
  5. When you pause the music, whoever is holding the ball must guess the next lyric in the song.
  6. If they guess correctly, they stay in the game.
  7. If they guess incorrectly, they must leave the circle.
  8. Start the music again and instruct the children to continue passing the ball.
  9. Pause and start the song until two players are left in the game.
  10. Whoever guesses the most correct lyrics wins!
  11. Play again using a different song if the children are having fun.

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