Beach Tug-of-War

Beach Tug-of-War

What You'll Need:

  • A long rope
  • If playing in the back yard, you'll need a kiddy pool full of water
  • If playing at the beach, you'll need a shovel to dig a hole in the sand

If you're playing this game at a beach, dig a hole near the shoreline. If it has some water in the bottom, that's okay. If you're playing in a yard, fill the kiddy pool with water.

At the Party:
  1. Divide the guests into two teams.
  2. Younger children may need an adult "anchor." Line each team up, with the children standing one behind the other, on either side of the kiddy pool or the hole in the sand, if at a beach.
  3. Explain to the teams that they should try to stay out of the pool/hole!
  4. Using the rope, show children how to pull as a team.
  5. Position the middle of the rope in the middle of the pool/hole and hand the ends to the two teams.
  6. When the game begins, each team tries to pull the other team across or into the pool/hole.
  7. Play two or three rounds.

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