Batman Vs. Superman Party Ideas

By Emily Churchill

Created on June 14, 2016

Take two of the worlds most iconic heroes, mix in an epic battle, along with some awesome crafting and decorating, and you'll have a party that is one for the ages! DC Comics brings us their take on the Hero vs Hero battle trend with Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. And here is how you can be it to your little one's next big bash.


Invitations are so important, I mean a cool invitation pretty much sets up the premise to what is going to be an amazing party. Take invitations to the next level using our free printable to create a Secret Identity ID Card. One way you can use the ID cards as part of your invitation packet is to create a Top Secret Mission Invitation.
  • Print out a Secret Identity ID card for each guest. These cards can be filled out by you or by the guest themselves.
  • Using small manila envelopes that can be found at your favorite craft store and a black marker, write TOP SECRET MISSION on each envelope to create a secret missions folder.
  • Fill each envelope with the perfect secret identity kit! The Secret Identity ID Card, our geek glasses, and our mustaches will help conceal the identity of all your superhero guests!


Representing two legendary superheroes in one party might seem like a daunting task at first, but using some of these simple tips and tricks will help you pull off one super cool party!
  • Help your guest of honor get into character with our amazing Batman and Superman costumes. This party is great because it could be for girls and boys, I mean everyone loves superheroes, especially Batman and Superman!
  • Create a one of a kind backdrop for your party using canvas boards from your local craft store and drawing a painting using the superhero iconic images. If painting is not your thing you can hit up your local fabric store, or even use pillowcases, with the superhero logos on them to cover the canvas and staple in the back. This will create an awesome piece that can then be re-used as room decor!
  • Use our Batman and Superman supplies to decorate the tables and then have each guest choose their favorite super hero.
  • Making buildings to hold our Batman and Superman custom lollipops is a snap with just a few simple materials! All you will need is some floral foam, red/black paint, hot glue gun, scissors, and some red/black/and yellow cardstock paper. First, glue the two pieces of floral foam side by side, then glue the last piece on the top on the middle of the two pieces. Paint the foam in your building color, cut the red/black cardstock in the shape of buildings, and add some windows using the yellow cardstock.


One thing that might be as important, if not more, than decorations is FOOD. I mean after all that running around having fun, kids are going to want to eat! We've got some cool ideas that will help carry this Batman VS Superman theme into your food and treat choices.
  • Green Jello serves as a perfect interpretation of Kryptonite, and the best part? Its simple to do and Kids LOVE jiggly Jello!
  • Give your guests the healthy drink option of water using our customizable drink labels that will go perfectly with your theme.
  • Our custom lollipops, as well as rock candy, are tasty treats that go along great with this theme. Use the green rock candy as another Kryptonite representation!
  • Make sandwiches of your choice, and cut out some bat shapes using a bat-shaped cookie cutter.
  • Don't forget the thirst quenchers. Personalized bottle labels can turn any beverage into a vote for your favorite hero.


You want to make sure your guests are having a good time right? I mean after all, they came to PARTAYYYY! Guests will love taking pictures in front of this super cool DIY Photo Backdrop! Follow our easy steps to add an area that will surely make some epic memories.
  • First, use a blue table cover taped to a vacant wall to create the sky backdrop.
  • Second, using cotton fill to make puffy clouds and tape them to the ceiling using fishing line. Put the clouds at varying heights to create depth to your scene.
  • Third, create our awesome buildings (that were also used in front of our main table) using just a few materials. Find a tri-fold project board in red/black at your favorite craft store, cut each fold at a varying height, and add some windows using yellow cardstock cut into squares.
  • Lastly, let the party begin! Have your guests step behind the buildings, use our Superhero Photo Booth props, and most importantly HAVE FUN!
  • Another fun tip is to have a bucket filled with extra props like our mustaches, our geek glasses, and a dress shirt with a tie to have your guests show off their secret identities.

Party Favors

One of the cool parts of having a party with both Batman and Superman is that you get to have twice the super fun! These favor ideas will have your guests proud to stand by their favorite heroin.
  • Our Gable Boxes are perfect to hold all your treats and make it easier for your guests to take their goodies home with them. Add a little something extra to our gable boxes using ribbon and our stickers that you can customize with a saying of your choice.
  • If you're a little pressed for time order our favor filled favor boxes, that come all ready for your guests to enjoy!
  • One fun idea to add some Batman pride to your favors is to add in flashlights with a bat logo on top to act as the Bat signal!
  • Kids LOVE bubbles! Use our bubbles with our labels to add some more customization to your party!

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