Riddle Me This!

Batman Printable Game

What You'll Need:

  • 8.5" x 11" color pictures of the following (the riddle answers): kittens, horse, goose, rhinoceros, monkey, dictionary, window, telephone, tree, table, envelope, cupcake
  • One prize for every party guest. A great way to package them is in gift wrapped boxes. Wrap in colors like purple, green red, and orange and add question marks as decoration.
  • A Riddler costume (optional)
  • One copy of the Riddle Me This Question and Answer Sheet (pdf). If you are inviting more than 12 guests you may want more riddles than our Riddle Me This Question and Answer Sheet provides. Have some fun and make up some of your own!

At the Party:

  1. Scramble up the pictures so that the riddle answers are not in the same order as the pictures. Tape the pictures neatly on a wall at a height so kids who are sitting down can see.
  2. Have children sit on the floor or in chairs in a position where they can see all the pictures on the wall.
  3. Read the first riddle out loud to the group. Let them know the answers can be found on the wall.
  4. Instruct the children to raise their hand when they think they know the answer.
  5. After a correct answer is given, the child who answered correctly gets to pick a present from the table. Don't allow them to unwrap the present yet!
  6. Making sure to call on only those who have not won yet, read all the riddles until every child has a present. When the game is over, everyone can open their gifts!
  7. This is a great way to end the party instead of using goodie bags. Or, place a goodie bag with favors in each box!

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