Penguins Crossing

Penguins Crossing

What You'll Need:

  • Soft binding material like scarves or bandanas
  • A guest dressed as The Penguin or a costume for someone to dress up as The Penguin (top hat, pocket watch, and closed umbrella)

At the Party:

This game is similar to "Red Light, Green Light" except each child's legs are bound together so they are forced to waddle instead of walk or run.
  1. Tie the children's legs together loosely so they can waddle instead of walk or run.
  2. Have the children stand about 20 feet away from The Penguin.
  3. When The Penguin shouts "waddle" the children will waddle forward as fast as they can without falling over.
  4. When The Penguin shouts "freeze" the children must freeze and wait for your next command. If at any time a child falls over, they are out.
  5. The Penguin continues to command "waddle" or "freeze" until one child can touch your hand or umbrella.
  6. The first penguin to reach The Penguin wins. The winning child now becomes The Penguin.
  7. You can play this game for about 20 minutes or longer if the children are having fun.

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