I'm Batman!

I'm Batman!

What You'll Need:

You will need a lot of found objects for this game. Try to be creative and think about what kids could use to create a Batman costume from around the house. Avoid items from a real Batman costume so the fun is not spoiled!

  • Cape ideas: towels, sheets, blankets, scarves, cloth
  • Boot ideas: adult shoes or boots, empty tissue boxes, buckets, galoshes
  • Mask ideas: scarves, paper plates, bandanas, toilet tissue, gauze
  • Utility Belt and Gizmo ideas: belts, string, scarves, extension cord, flashlight, compass, plastic shooting toys, watch, calculator, silly string
  • Scissors, construction paper, rubber bands, kitchen utensils, paper clips, tape, bathroom tissue, yarn, and other craft items (no glue or safety pins!)
  • One bin for each team (five children per team)
  • A camera (optional)


Divide all the supplies evenly between each team's bin and make sure there are materials for each team to have a cape, mask, boots, and utility belt with gizmos.

At the Party:
  1. Divide your party guests into teams.
  2. Have each team choose a person to be Batman.
  3. Using the items in their bin, each team has to try to dress Batman as fast as possible.
  4. In order to win, Batman must have a cape, mask, boots, and a utility belt with at least two gizmos in the belt.
  5. The first team to dress Batman successfully wins!

What a perfect photo opportunity!

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