Chillin' with the Villains

Batman Printable Game

What You'll Need:


Cut and tape or glue each villain name from the Chillin' with the Villains Question and Answer Sheet (pdf) on an index card. Then, shuffle the deck.

At the Party:

In this game, you will read the name of a Batman villain who really appeared in a Batman story or is made up. The party guests will have to guess if the name you read is "real" or "fake."
  1. Divide the party guests into teams (about five children to a team works best).
  2. Roll the die to determine which team gets to go first. Have the first team roll the die to see how many points their question is worth.
  3. Tell them the first villain name. They have one try to guess "real" or "fake."
  4. If they guess correctly, they get the points shown on the dice. If they guess incorrectly, they get no points and the question card is discarded.
  5. Tell everyone the correct answer. If the answer is "real," you can read the description of the villain out loud to the party guests.
  6. Alternate teams and play until one team has reached 15 points.
  7. Only reuse question cards if you run out and a team has not reached 15 points.

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