Batman Character Guide

Batman Character Guide

Use this character guide as a reference for costumes and party games!


Batman: This superhero is Bruce Wayne, a Billionaire philanthropist, by day and the Caped Crusader by night. He never uses guns. Instead he relies on his intelligence, strength, and bat-gadgets to defeat enemies.

Robin: Also known as the Boy Wonder, Robin is Batman's partner in crime fighting. Robin dresses in a red and green outfit with a yellow cape and black mask. He is very acrobatic and fast.

Batgirl: Batgirl fights alongside of Batman and Robin. She dresses similar to Batman but with a feminine flair.

Alfred Pennyworth: As Bruce Wayne's butler he manages the Wayne estate. Alfred also helps Batman in fighting crime. He dresses in a tuxedo in most of the comics.

Lucious Fox: Lucious Fox works for Wayne Enterprises and makes all of Batman's gadgets and vehicles. His dress is business or a lab coat for his work on Batman's gizmos.

Commissioner Jim Gordon: The Police Commissioner for Gotham City, he uses the bat-signal to call Batman when there is trouble in the city. He dresses in a long trench coat and suit.


Catwoman: A jewel thief who sometimes helps Batman, Catwoman uses a whip, kick boxing, and her claws to fight. She dresses all in an all black cat costume.

The Joker: Batman's arch nemesis, the Joker is a madman who sprays a toxin to put permanent smiles on victim's faces. He dresses in a purple suit and has green hair, white make up, and an exaggerated smile.

The Penguin: The Penguin dresses in a high class style but his crimes are anything but. He totes an umbrella and wears fancy suits with a monocle and a top hat. His weapons are high tech umbrellas and mechanical penguins.

Two-Face: Once a good guy, Two-Face is a former District Attorney of Gotham City. His calling card is a coin with two heads that he flips to make decisions. His suits are normally half black and half white.

The Riddler: The Riddler likes to present Batman with complicated puzzles to solve but is always caught in the end. He tends to wear a green suit, tie, and bowlers cap with purple question marks.

Poison Ivy: Poison Ivy is obsessed with plants and therefore uses them as her weapon, normally in the form of a toxic lipstick. She has red hair and is covered with vines.

Mr. Freeze: Mr. Freeze has to live inside a special robotic cold chamber that he designed to keep him alive. He uses an ice ray as his weapon and wears large goggles with his freeze suit.

Mad Hatter: A former scientist who uses mind-control devices as his weapon. He dresses like the Mad Hatter from Alice's Adventures in Wonderland and commonly recites phrases from the book.

Clayface: A disfigured man and former actor who can shape-shift into anything or anyone to fool Batman. For costumes, dress all in one shade of brown, like a mound of clay.

Harley Quinn: A former doctor at Arkham Asylum who fell in love with the Joker. She serves as his sidekick and dresses in a black, white, and red jester outfit.

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