King of the Court

King of the Court

King of the Court is a fast paced game you can play with a lot of people. Teams will have to work together to win this shoot-out game! If you'd like, adults can play too. Just make sure there is an even ratio of adults and children on each team. You can play this game half court or full court.

What You'll Need:

  • A basketball
  • A basketball hoop

How to Play King of the Court:
  1. Divide the children evenly into teams of two, three, or four (try to have at least 6 teams).
  2. Assign each team a number (Team 1, Team 2...etc).
  3. Instruct Team 1 and Team 2 to step on to the court. The rest of the teams must wait at the sidelines.
  4. Start the game by seeing which team can score a point by shooting the basketball in the hoop first.
  5. The team that does not score immediately must leave the court and tag the next team in line onto the court.
  6. So, if Team 1 scored, Team 2 would leave the court and Team 3 would now try to score against Team 1.
  7. Continue playing until one team is left and are declared the kings of the court!

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