The objective of this game is to be the first player who doesn't miss five baskets that their opponent successfully scores. Anytime a person misses a basket, they start to spell the word "HORSE." This game can be played with just two people on a basketball court or in a smaller area with found objects.

What You'll Need:

  • One basket for every 2 players, this could be a trash can, laundry basket or a hoop that suction cups to the wall
  • Small bounce balls or small basketballs

  1. Divide the children into pairs.
  2. Give each pair a ball and a hoop (trash can, basket, etc).

How to Play HORSE:
  1. The person with the closest birthday gets to go first. This person can try to shoot the ball from any place they'd like.
  2. If they make the basket, the other player has to stand in the exact spot their competitor was standing. From this spot, they must also successfully make a basket.
  3. If they make the basket, it's their turn to stand anywhere they want to shoot. If they do not make the basket, they get the letter "H."
  4. Play continues while the two opponents challenge each other to make successful baskets. Each time a basket is not made, the person who missed gets another letter from the word "HORSE."
  5. The first player that spells "HORSE" is out. This means the other player is the winner!

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