Around the World

Around the World

This game is played using a single basketball hoop (half court). Players will have to make baskets from seven designated throw lines. The first player who travels "around the world" first wins!

What You'll Need:

  • A basketball
  • A basketball hoop
  • Masking tape


Using making tape, mark seven throw lines around the perimeter of the basketball hoop. There should be three lines on the left, three on the right and one in the middle Use the diagram below as your reference.

How to Play Around the World:
  1. You can start the game on the left corner or the right corner of the court.
  2. Give each player a chance to make a basket from the first marked line on the ground.
  3. If they make the basket, they move to the next line. If they don't, they have to try again from the same spot on their next turn. No one can move to the next throw line unless they make a basket.
  4. After everyone has had a chance to make the first basket, let the people standing at the second line take their turns.
  5. Every time a basket is made, that person gets to move to the next line.
  6. Any players who make it all the way around the court win the game!

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