Batty Beach Ball

Batty Beach Ball

What You'll Need:

  • Beach balls
  • Wiffle ball bats


Mark a start and finish line 10 to 15 feet apart.

How to Play Batty Beach Ball:
  1. Split players into two teams and line them up.
  2. Give the first person on each team a ball.
  3. After you say "go," the first person on each team runs to the finish line while batting the ball in the air using a wiffle bat.
  4. Players cannot use their hands or any part of the body to keep the ball in the air.
  5. If a player touches the ball or drops it on the ground, he or she must return to the starting line and start over.
  6. After players reach the finish line, they run back to the start and pass the ball off to the next player.
  7. The first team to finish the race wins.

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